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WINTER 2000-01
Volume 44, Number 2


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During March, students who live in residence halls will have the opportunity to sign up quickly and easily for a residence hall room–using their personal computer or any Instructional Technology Center.

"Each current resident will receive an information booklet including the terms and conditions, an application/contract signature card, and information on the process to use to assign a room," says Dicta Schoenfelder, manager of the Housing Office.

"Students will sign the contract signature card and return it with $70 to the Housing Office," she says. "The $70 includes the $50 advance payment on the room and a $20 nonrefundable application processing fee."

Priority for the room assignment process will be a lottery, with juniors and seniors getting first priority and sophomores next–the same system that is used for the computerized course assignments. Roommates who would have different priorities will receive the lower priority.

When students send in the card and fee, they will be entered into the self-assign system. They will be given a date to access the system based on a random pick of identification numbers. At first, they will be automatically reassigned to their current room. If they want to remain in that room, they just confirm that choice and select a board plan. But if they want to choose another room, they may do that if the room will be vacant. Students who want to room together in the 2001-02 academic year can work together to make the reservation on the later of the two assigned times.

When the choice is made and the meal plan is confirmed, the assignment will be displayed. However, students may access the system as frequently as they wish after their appointed time to search for a different room or choose a different meal plan.

The board plans are:

  • the traditional 20 meals per week (excluding Sunday evening)
  • any 14 "all-you-can-eat" meals per week
  • any 10 "all-you-can-eat" meals per week

"All the meal plans include $200 in "flex dollars" per semester," Schoenfelder says. "Flex dollars may be used at both residence hall dining facilities, all Iowa Memorial Union food service areas, and various food carts located around campus."

Schoenfelder says that because the Board of Regents, State of Iowa has not confirmed room rates for the next year at the time that students will be choosing their rooms, proposed room rates will be displayed in the self-assign system.

The deadline for making a room selection will be April 25, 2001. Throughout the process, the Housing Office will be happy to help students use the new system. If no choice has been confirmed by the deadline, the application will be canceled.

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