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Winter 2001-02
Volume45, Number 2


Iowa's Budget Crisis: What It Means to Your Student

Old Capitol Dome Burns

Seeking the Elusive Major: for Some Iowa Students, It's a Hard Choice

NOTHING to Do? You Can't Be Serious!

Surfing Their Way Into Trouble: Copyright Law Violations Can Bring Discipline, Criminal Prosecution

To Sign Up for a Room, Just Press "Enter"

Currier Area Becoming Community Center

New Kiosks: Information Source for Residence Hall Students

Mom, Dad of the Year Honored

Paying for Quality: We Need Tuition Increase to Keep University Strong

Tutoring Help, Counsel Available in Many Academic Areas

Twister! Mayflower Students Relax in New Game Room

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University Calendar

New Kiosks: Information Source for Residence Hall Students

Residence Services has installed electronic kiosks in three of the nine residence halls as a way to transmit information effectively to busy students. These information kiosks were funded by Parents Association.

New information kiosk
First-year students Katie Conlon, (left), and Holly Hanson, both from Dubuque, and George Walton of Cedar Rapids check out a new information kiosk.

Strategically located in lobbies of Burge, Mayflower, and Hillcrest residence halls, where students typically gather between classes, before and after meals, and while waiting for the bus, the kiosks serve as a tool to provide information about important residence hall and University events, deadlines, services, food service menus, announcements, and directions to University locations.

“We announce programs such as Night Games, course registration information, housing reapplication information for residence halls, job listings, deadlines for filing for graduation, and many other things,” says Mary Ellen Sinnwell, manager, Residence Life.

“There is no commercial solicitation on the kiosks and, if solicitations are allowed, they must conform to Residence Services policies,” she says.

“Students see them daily as they travel in and out of our halls. They often will stop at slides that catch their eyes and will continue to review slides, learning about the University and what’s current.”

Overall, feedback has been positive, she says.

“Students often suggest things that they would like to see listed on them. It has been a valuable tool in communicating with residents beyond the typical floor meeting or community update.”



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