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Winter 2001-02
Volume45, Number 2


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Computer System Makes It Easy to Choose a Room
For parents of students who live in residence halls, it’s time to have The Conversation again. Deadlines for renewing or changing residence hall contracts are approaching.

Thanks to a new self-assigning system, it’s simple for students to sign up for their rooms and board plans via computer.

All students have received a University of Iowa Housing Application/Contract Card. Students must complete it, sign it, and return it to the Housing Office, 17 Burge Hall, with a $70 payment ($50 advance payment, $20 application/processing fee) by Feb. 25, 2002. Once the card and payment are received, the student will be eligible for the next step of the process. If they do not return the card by that time, they will not be housed in residence halls next year.

“The next deadline is April 19, 2002,” says Dicta Schoenfelder, manager of the Housing Office. “Students have until then to pick out a room, reserve it, and select a board plan. If students do not make that deadline, housing applications will be canceled and the $50 advance payment will be refunded.”

All contracts become binding June 3, 2002, she says. If a student does not cancel by this binding contract date but is still a registered student during the contract period, he or she will be billed for room and board regardless of whether the room is actually occupied, she says.

If students want to sign up for the same room and meal plan, it’s simple to confirm those choices on-line in the self-assigning system. If they want to change, this is the process:

Here’s How to Sign Up

1. Your student must return the application/contract card and payments by Feb. 25.

2. Access to the self-assigning system is governed by the number of semester hours your student has completed. Students with 60 or more credits will be allowed to access the system before students with fewer than 60 semester hours.

3. When students are notified in early March of his or her time to access the on-line system, they can log on to ISIS after the date given using University ID and PIN. Click on “Student Records” and then on “Housing.”

4. Begin with selection of a room. Confirm the current assignment or choose a different room from lists of rooms available in the University’s nine residence halls. Your student will be able to view information about current assignments, choose from doubles or singles, request a specific room or a particular type of room, or view all available rooms.

5. When the right room is found, students must confirm the selections. However, they may go back to the self-assigning system to make changes right up to the April 10 deadline.

6. While on the system, they may confirm a current meal plan or select one from this menu:

  • Traditional 20–20 meals a week in residence hall dining rooms, excluding Sunday evening.

  • Any 14–14 meals a week in residence hall dining rooms, in any combination of breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

  • Any 10–10 meals a week in residence hall dining rooms in any combination.

Each of the plans includes $200 in flex dollars per year, which may be used at Burge or Hillcrest dining or at any food service in the Iowa Memorial Union or IMU food carts on campus.

7. Your student will be able to confirm the current board plan or select a new one, and it’s OK to change it up to the deadline date. Selections will be confirmed by e-mail.

8. After the Board of Regents, State of Iowa approves the residence hall rates for 2002-03 at its April meeting, your student will be sent a contract acceptance letter.

The contract then becomes binding on June 3, 2002.



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