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Volume 47, Number 4


Helping your child adjust to college life

Trading Spaces: Residence hall renovations give students more of what they want

Developing Independence: Residence halls offer students a place to learn the skills of living on their own

Safety on campus: Stay alert, lock up, and take advantage of University resources

Von Stange new director of Residence Services

Students can take the cake

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Residence Halls Important Dates

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The University of Iowa

George Droll Award Winner

Lisa Raffensperger Photo by Tom JorgensenPhoto: Lisa Raffensperger
Lisa Raffensperger

Lisa Raffensperger, who lived in Daum in 2003-04 as a first-year student, is this year’s George L. Droll Award winner.

Raffensperger “wanted to try something new” when she came to the University from St. Joseph, Mo.

“I didn’t know if I’d like it,” she says of her decision to run for vice president for Associated Daum, the residence hall governance board. “But like so many things in college, it’s good to push yourself to get involved. I think I’ve met more than half my friends through Associated Daum.” As a VP, she was in charge of programming. She also worked with other residents to start a recycling program, and next year will serve as a resident assistant (RA) in Hillcrest. Her advice to incoming students? “Getting involved is a great way to feel connected. Just do it, because the year goes by so quickly.”

The George L. Droll Award honors the man who joined Iowa’s Department of Residence Services in 1960 and served as its director from 1980 until his death in 1995. Along with a certificate, Raffensperger receives a credit on her University bill of up to $1,000, to be used toward tuition, fees, and books next year.

You’ve got mail—about Iowa!

Parents who are interested in monthly updates can now receive @IOWA, an e-mail newsletter featuring recent, selected University of Iowa news stories. To subscribe, simply visit the @IOWA web site at, click the Subscribe button at the top left of the page, and fill out the online form. Then sit back and wait to hear about some of Iowa’s outstanding programs, faculty, research efforts, and much more.

Residence hall e-news

Parents who are interested in monthly updates on residence hall-related information and deadlines may sign up for an e-mail newsletter. The newsletter will include deadlines, construction updates, and news relevant to your son’s or daughter’s residence hall experience. Visit the Residence Halls web site at, click on Parents and Visitors, Res Hall News for Parents, and follow the directions to subscribe. Then watch for your e-mail to arrive!

Help your student remember to reapply for housing

In February 2005, students will receive information about reapplying to live in the residence halls for 2005-06. Students, not parents, will receive the reapplication materials, and only students can reapply. But parents can remind their students of the importance of these deadlines. If students do not fill out and return the UI Housing Application and Contract Card, they will lose their opportunity to be housed in residence halls next year. So, come February, make a note to yourself to drop your student a few reminders.


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