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Volume 47, Number 4


Helping your child adjust to college life

Trading Spaces: Residence hall renovations give students more of what they want

Developing Independence: Residence halls offer students a place to learn the skills of living on their own

Safety on campus: Stay alert, lock up, and take advantage of University resources

Von Stange new director of Residence Services

Students can take the cake

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Residence Halls Important Dates

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The University of Iowa

Photo: Von Stange
When Von Stange first moved to Iowa City to become director of Residence Services, he lived on campus. “I thought it was important for me to experience the pulse of student life at The University of Iowa,” he says.

When Von Stange accepted the position of director of Residence Services, it meant moving to Iowa City ahead of his wife and three children, who opted to finish out the school year in South Dakota. Rather than getting an apartment, in January Stange decided to move into Mayflower Residence Hall on the University of Iowa campus. One thing Stange learned is that residence halls aren't the same as when he was an undergraduate at the University of South Dakota. (Stange also holds an EdD from the University of South Dakota in educational administration/adult and higher education.) "Student tastes and lifestyles have changed, and I was pleased to see that the residence hall staff members do a good job of being responsive to student needs," he says. Stange's family joined him in Iowa City in late May. Though he enjoyed his time in Mayflower, there's one thing he learned that makes him grateful to be living with his family in their new home. "I'm too old to live in the residence halls," he says. "My bedtime is around midnight and for a lot of students, that's their time of high activity. They'd usually be up until 2 a.m."



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