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Volume 47, Number 2


Value Added: Charter Committee involvement expands students' opportunities for learning

A Parent and the President: David Skorton reflects on college visits, tuition increases, and financial aid

Greetings from the UI Parents Association

The Sky's the Limit: Student journalist and pilot soars toward professional success

A Rite of Passage: A first-year student makes the University her home away from home

The Accidental Director

Self-Assignment on the Web

Why Live on Campus? Compare the Costs

There is no such thing as free parking: The challenge of bringing a car to campus

Parental Approval: Mom and Dad of the Year represent all University of Iowa parents

A Message from the President

Important Dates

University Calendar


The University of Iowa

Why Live on Campus? Compare the Costs

Off Campus

  • Security deposit
  • Cable TV and Internet installation fee
  • Monthly cable TV and Internet bills
  • Telephone installation fee
  • Monthly local phone fee
  • Utility bills: heat, electricity, water
  • $.75 per bus ride
  • Must go to laundromat
  • 12-month lease only

On Campus

  • NO security deposit
  • NO cable TV installation fee or monthly bills
  • NO internet installation fee or monthly bills
  • NO telephone installation fee
  • NO monthly local phone fee
  • NO utility bills: heat, electricity, water
  • Free Cambus service
  • Laundry in each building
  • Academic-year contract

Setting Up Housekeeping Off Campus

Don’t forget! You’ll need to buy:

  • Bed and mattress, table and chairs
  • Desk, bookcase, bulletin board
  • Chest of drawers, mirror
  • Living room furniture
  • Vacuum, cleaning supplies, trash can
  • Pots and pans, dishes, silverware, glasses
  • Draperies, curtains, or shades
  • A telephone
  • All your own food

The Convenience of Living on Campus

  • You meet lots of people
  • Live close to classes
  • All facilities are close by
  • You don’t need to shop for groceries
  • No cooking or dishwashing required
  • Ethernet connection, cable TV hookups
  • You have access to ITCs, lounges, fitness centers


Published by University Relations Publications. Copyright The University of Iowa 2003. All rights reserved.

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