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Volume 47, Number 2


Value Added: Charter Committee involvement expands students' opportunities for learning

A Parent and the President: David Skorton reflects on college visits, tuition increases, and financial aid

Greetings from the UI Parents Association

The Sky's the Limit: Student journalist and pilot soars toward professional success

A Rite of Passage: A first-year student makes the University her home away from home

The Accidental Director

Self-Assignment on the Web

Why Live on Campus? Compare the Costs

There is no such thing as free parking: The challenge of bringing a car to campus

Parental Approval: Mom and Dad of the Year represent all University of Iowa parents

A Message from the President

Important Dates

University Calendar


The University of Iowa

A Message from the President

November 2003

Dear Parent,

Your influence on our university is tremendous, and we appreciate it greatly. You support your student academically, financially, and emotionally. You provide the University with valuable ideas and insights. We also need your help in another area of influence: communication with your state legislators.

As you know, Iowa has experienced revenue shortfalls in the past several years. The University of Iowa has done its part by making do with less state money. Parents and students have done their parts by paying a larger share of educational costs through tuition.

However, several more years of budget uncertainty in Iowa are likely. The legislature and the governor continue to weigh funding priorities. Constituent opinion remains one of the greatest influences on these elected officials. I urge you to express to them your support for the University. Your visits, phone calls, and letters make a tremendous difference.

Another way to increase your effectiveness as a UI advocate is to join The University of Iowa’s Legislative Advocate Network. An initiative of the UI Alumni Association and the University’s Office of Governmental Relations, the network helps you learn more about University and legislative issues and activities. It also encourages, supports, and coordinates activities on behalf of public higher education in Iowa. As a member, you will join other UI parents, students, alumni, and friends who want to communicate their support of the University to their state government representatives. I urge you to join. To sign up or find out more, visit

Your active involvement with the challenges facing our state, our university, and public higher education will make a difference. We are always open to your ideas about making the University a better place and about bringing our message to the citizens and leaders of Iowa. Thank you very much for all you have done to support the University, and thank you for letting our public officials know about that support.

Best regards,

David J. Skorton

President, The University of Iowa


Published by University Relations Publications. Copyright The University of Iowa 2003. All rights reserved.

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