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FALL 2004
Volume 48, Number 1


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The University of Iowa

Itís All About Letting Go: A Letter from the Parents Association President
Jim Fruin, President, UI Parents BoardA big welcome to all parents from your University of Iowa Parents Association. Whether your student is a first-year student, or an “experienced” senior, every year brings new issues and new challenges for students and parents alike. And whether your student is the oldest of the family or the baby, we all know very well that each is a unique individual. We also know very well that every student has some “issues,” and it varies as to which ones that life presents them.

Either you already have or might well receive those occasional phone calls about dorm living vs. apartments/fraternities/sororities, how the allotted cash is not lasting as long as they had hoped, a first love relationship that has just ended, the balancing of working and taking classes, alcohol parties, difficulty in certain classes or choosing a major, roommate differences, etc. Our students continue to surprise us with new challenges every year.

It’s easy to pass judgment on these types of issues, especially from a distance and over the phone, but we all know it’s best to be a good listener first, and to help our young men and women make their own choices. We can provide some perspective, but we also need to “let go” and allow them to grow with their personal judgments. As parents we have always said to each other “if only our kids knew what we did.” It’s a reminder to let them make their own decisions.

Remind students when they are facing these issues to utilize all the University assistance centers and resources that can be found on the University web site or the many departments that are specific to their needs. Part of the challenge for many students is simply taking that first step in asking for help. One important resource is the Office of Student Services that can be reached at (319) 335-3557. They are located in Room 249 of the Iowa Memorial Union.

Another common solution to many issues is simply getting the student involved in the many extracurricular activities, intramural sports, and organizations that offer an outlet for fellow students with the same interests. It’s hard to imagine that it’s sometimes easier to get involved in the Iowa campus environment than it might have been in their high school. From our own experiences, we know so well that a busy student is most likely a happy and successful student.

These are great times for our families as our students obtain a great University of Iowa education that will serve them well in their future careers and life experiences. We need to do all we can to help provide that needed guidance when appropriate, and at the same time know that we have done our best for their first 18 years of life and now it’s time to let them make more and more of their own decisions. It’s all about “letting go.”

Speaking for the Parents Association Board of Directors, we look forward to serving your interests in the year ahead. We hope to see many of you during the Family Weekend, Nov. 5-7, 2004. Best regards to everyone, and Go Hawks!

Jim Fruin, President
University of Iowa Parents Association


Published by University Relations Publications. Copyright The University of Iowa 2004. All rights reserved.

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