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FALL 2004
Volume 48, Number 1


Beyond registration: Academic advisers help students take stock of opportunities at Iowa

It's all about letting go: A letter from the Parents Association president

Still time to register for Family Weekend fun

In their own words: Students speak out on what makes Iowa professors great

Teaching Matters

Crazy for Kinnick: Stadium Saturdays a part of student experience for 75 years

Global Conversation: Kannada, Arabic join Iowa's language offerings

The provost's perspective: Former Hawkeye returns to consider the undergraduate experience

A Place of Honor

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The University of Iowa

Teaching MattersSlightly less formal than the Collegiate Teaching Awards is the Center for Teaching’s web site, Thank a Teacher. It’s a place where students can write a note to their instructors–faculty members and teaching assistants–expressing their appreciation. Students can sign their names or send the notes anonymously. The director of the Center for Teaching then writes a letter to the professor that includes the comments written by the students, and a Certificate of Appreciation stating that the individual has been thanked by his or her student for providing excellent teaching.

Since the program began in 2002, more than 75 students have submitted comments. Below are some examples of the comments from students to professors.


A student in Journalistic Reporting and Writing wrote to Stephen Berry, associate professor of journalism and mass communication:

I wanted to thank you for being one of the most dedicated and helpful teachers I have ever had. Your professional experience and honest advice have taught me a lot this semester. You are someone I aspire to be someday in the journalism world, which means I have a lot of work ahead of me! Thanks for your encouragement, and have a great summer. 




A student in Biblical Hebrew I and II class wrote to Jennifer Flatte, adjunct instructor of religion:

Your class was great fun—and always a challenge! Your enthusiasm was contagious and you’ve been one of my favorite teachers. Thanks a lot and good luck with future classes!




A student in Child Labor and International Human Rights wrote to Rex Honey, professor of geography:

…this was an amazing class. Thank you for teaching a class that will force everyone to think about the world.




A student in Anatomy and Physiology of Speech Production wrote to Jerald Moon, associate professor of speech pathology and audiology:

Thanks for being such a great teacher. I have never had a teacher so willing to help out his students and give them the opportunity to experience firsthand the anatomy of the human body. Because of your class I can honestly say I am getting a great college education that I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else. Thanks!




A student in Introduction to American Architecture wrote to Barbara Burlison Mooney, assistant professor of art and art history:

I just wanted to thank you for all of the time that you spent helping me study for the final. I really enjoyed this class, it was so interesting. It was so wonderful to have someone who cared about what they were teaching us so much. Thank you





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