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Volume 48, Number 3


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It's a home worth writing home about

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It's a home worth writing home about

Philip J. Adler Journalism and Mass Communication Building
If the medium is the message, the message the new Adler Journalism and Mass Communication Building (above) sends is “professional, high tech journalism.” The building serves as a gathering space for students in a variety of communication-related disciplines, as well as having special computer labs and other facilities dedicated to journalism students.

That’s how journalism faculty, staff, and students are feeling about their transfer from Seashore Hall, their “temporary” abode for the past seven years, to the Philip J. Adler Journalism and Mass Communication Building. Despite ice storms, winter holidays, and having to work around on-going construction, faculty and staff members began settling into their new digs in early January, in preparation of the first day of classes on Jan. 17.

Pam Creedon, director of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, waxes rhapsodic about the new facility.

“Faculty members have a real sense of community, now that we’re all on the same floor,” she says. In their Seashore Hall days, faculty offices and the resource center were on three separate floors, and classrooms, labs, and The Daily Iowan student newspaper were spread around campus. Now there’s a synergy that comes not only from having journalism students, faculty members, and classrooms in close proximity, but from having a “communications cluster”—a skywalk connects the Adler Building, which also is home to the Department of Cinema and Comparative Literature, with the Becker Communications Studies Building. In close proximity to both these buildings is the English-Philosophy Building and the Main Library.

“What used to be a passthrough is now a courtyard, a nexus of communication,” says Joe Kearney, associate dean for research and development in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

One of the advantages of having these communications-oriented groups in close proximity is that these disciplines make greater use of technology.

“These shared facilities help provide a structure for video and communication networks,” Kearney says. “The number of bits in that building is extraordinary.”

“The basics are still the basics,” says Creedon, of the importance of journalism’s firm foundation in writing skills. “But more and more, journalists have to be multi-skilled.” She cites as an example the newscaster from a Cedar Rapids television station who came to record the Adler Building opening. “He shot the video and asked the questions. Our students need to be prepared to do it all. And thanks to new editing suites and integrated broadcasting facilities, they will be.”

It’s not just students in these communication disciplines who are benefiting from the Adler Building. 

“The classrooms are available for general assignment, and they’re well-equipped and well-integrated technologically,” says Kearney. “These new classrooms are helping to relieve the dearth of classroom space we’ve been noticing, as enrollment has risen.”

by Linzee Kull McCray

Published by University Relations Publications. Copyright The University of Iowa 2004. All rights reserved.

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