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Volume 48, Number 3


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Staying connected: Registrar's Office uses electronic resources to help students stay up-to-date 

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The art and humanity of education: UI President Skorton discusses providing resources to prepare students for life

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Staying connected: Registrarís Office uses electronic resources to help students stay up-to-date All the technology used on campus can be hard to adapt to when students first arrive at The University of Iowa, but the UI Registrar’s Office—like many campus units—is dedicated to using electronic communication resources to enhance the Iowa experience for students and parents alike.

Stay plugged in
to Iowa

• Encourage your student to keep e-mail and address information up-to-date on ISIS.

• If you want to see your student’s grades and other academic records, ask whether your student is willing to give you “guest access” to his or her ISIS account.

• For general information on University policies, deadlines, and other academic information, visit or call (319) 335-0238.

“We’re all here for the primary purpose of making college better for students,” says UI Registrar Larry Lockwood. He and his colleagues serve as the central authority and resource for information on academic records. Much of this information is managed electronically, not only to streamline workflow, but to provide students with a learning environment that mimics their future places of employment.

The main thing students need to do to receive all important messages about academic deadlines and requirements is keep their e-mail addresses updated. At any given moment, more than 90 percent of students do have their records up-to-date.

“We’ve set up a communication environment that makes it easier for students to succeed,” Lockwood says. A combination of frequent e-mails every semester and a course registration system that periodically reminds students to update their contact information makes sure the University fulfills its commitment to students. 

Getting students accustomed to conducting important academic business using e-mail and other online resources is one way the Registrar’s Office strives to prepare users to become responsible students and citizens. Faculty use online course management programs to share course materials, and other University offices (such as financial aid and the academic colleges) depend on students to be accountable for information that is sent via e-mail.

While the University is looking out for students, many parents also are interested in keeping tabs on their sons and daughters. But unlike when students are in high school, parents do not have automatic access to their students’ grades, U-bills, and other records. Iowa limits parental access in accordance with federal privacy laws, but Lockwood says that making students responsible for their own academic careers is an important part of the university experience.

“When your child goes to college, you’re so happy, and you want to make sure they get everything coming to them,” he says. “That’s what we want, too.”

The only way for the University to provide grades and other information to parents is if students authorize “guest access” to their academic records. Parents receive general University information, such as Parent Times, when students keep their parental contact information up-to-date. Students can make all these authorizations and contact information updates on ISIS, the University’s main academic information gateway for students.

by Anne Remington



Published by University Relations Publications. Copyright The University of Iowa 2004. All rights reserved.

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