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WINTER 2004-05
Volume 48, Number 2


Learning about service, 10,000 hours at a time

Getting off the parental payroll: Career Center director advises parents to stay engaged in the job hunt

It's all Greek to me: Fraternities, sororities provide leadership opportunities, lifelong friendships

Welcome your student back to the nest: A letter from Parents Association President Jim Fruin

More than mental muscle: UI students take advantage of campus resources to maintain healthy lifestyles

Table for 1,800, please: New Burge Market Place takes food service to the next level

Considering biotech? Consider Iowa

Why live on campus? Compare the costs

Residence hall self-assignment

Mom and Dad of the Year recognized on behalf of all Iowa parents

October showers bring Hawkeye followers

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The University of Iowa

Why Live on Campus? Compare the Costs

On Campus

  • Academic year contract (9 months)
  • Advance payment refunded ($50)
  • Utilities included in room rate
  • No utility installation fees
  • (phone, Internet, cable, electricity, gas)
  • Free Cambus service
  • Laundry in each building–$1.50 to wash, drying is free
  • No grocery shopping, cooking, or washing dishes
  • Convenient, close to classes
  • Meet people
  • RA on floor to answer questions
  • Always someone to study with


Off Campus

  • 12-month lease ($300-950/month rent)
  • Security deposit ($300-$1,000)
  • $197/month for phone, cable, Internet, electricity, heat
  • $120 installation fees for utilities
  • $.75 per bus ride
  • Must go to Laundromat, $1.50 to wash, $1.50 to dry
  • Regular trips to the grocery store, daily cooking, dirty dishes
  • Commute time
  • No help if you have disruptive neighbors

Published by University Relations Publications. Copyright The University of Iowa 2004. All rights reserved.

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