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FALL 2005
Volume 49, Number 1


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New year, new opportunities A letter from Parents Association President Jim Fruin

Welcome, all Iowa parents, to a new school year. Our Parents Association Board looks forward to another enjoyable year representing you and your students in what will hopefully be a great year in 2005-06. We always welcome your comments to our web site, which you can locate by going to and then clicking on “Visitors and Parents.” You also can reach us by e-mail at

Please take the time to become familiar with everything the University web site has to offer. It’s a great way to initiate conversation with your students and to let them know we care about our tuition dollars. And perhaps a reminder to them to be good stewards of the financial sacrifices each family makes for their students. I know you will agree that The University of Iowa provides a fantastic value for our investment.

I want to touch briefly on just one of many topics that our Parents Board continues to address—underage consumption of alcohol. It’s a cultural issue that was part of our own college years and will invariably be a part of our grand-children’s college life. It’s not unique to our university or the Iowa City downtown setting. The problems and challenges exist wherever you have a high concentration of young adults. We want you to know that we continue to work with the University in doing all we can to help with the educational messages to be responsible students. The University also provides a wealth of support services, including medical assistance and counseling. As you learned during the orientation sessions you attended with your students, there also are more than a hundred different extracurricular activities in which students can become engaged. There really is a wealth of opportunity for every student, and contrary to what some students might think, there can be an enjoyable social life without the popular Thursday night trip to the bars.

The Parents Board also is involved in dialogue with various support groups on and off campus. We frequently invite a variety of University officials to our quarterly meeting, including staff leadership from the Office of the Vice President for Student Services, which is a great resource for finding guidance and direction and contact information for your students. Please have your student contact them at any time they feel a need for assistance. They can be reached at 319-335-3557, and are located in room 249 of the Iowa Memorial Union.

We also have had a number of visitors and speakers from the staff of the city government of Iowa City, including the mayor and some city council members. Be assured that they too are very interested in helping to do what they can to provide a safe environment in the downtown setting as well as throughout the larger community. The city has a great web site——where you can find a wealth of information about the great community our students enjoy. If you are interested in contacting the city council on any issues, please go the tab listed as “council.”

With this said, we are trying to partner with as many interested people as we can to help manage the alcohol issues. A big part of this challenge rests with the students themselves. Ultimately, they are the ones responsible for their own actions. While we as parents are wanting to “let go” as they venture off to college, we will always be parents, and so some of that old-fashioned conversation about drinking responsibly might go a long way toward providing that safe environment. Do your student a favor, and have a conversation with him or her regardless of whether they are an 18-year-old freshman or a 21-year-old senior.

Please know that while I have addressed just one issue in this letter, there are a variety of topics we work on throughout the school year. Please let us know how we can help you, and ultimately your most important asset, your student. They are the future business and community leaders who will be helping us before we know it!

Best regards to each of you.


Published by University Relations Publications. Copyright The University of Iowa 2004. All rights reserved.

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