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Volume 49, Number 2


Experience is the best teacher: Students gain knowledge and skills through campus group involvement

Residence hall administrator highlights new housing features

Mom and Dad of the Year recognized

A home away from home: Residential learning communities help students make friends, adjust to college

Deadline approaches for residence hall self-assignment

Why live on campus? Compare the costs

State of the art building

Important Dates

University Calendar


The University of Iowa

On Campus
Off campus
Academic year contract (9 months) 12-month lease ($300-$950/month rent)
Advance payment refunded ($50) Security deposit ($300-$1,000)
Utilities included in room rate $197/month for phone, cable, Internet, electricity, heat
No utility installation fees (phone, Internet, cable, electricity, gas) $120 installation fees for utilities

Free Cambus service

75¢ per bus ride
Laundry in each building–$1.50 to wash, drying is free Must go to Laundromat, $1.50 to wash, $1.50 to dry
No grocery shopping, cooking, or washing dishes Regular trips to the grocery store, daily cooking, dirty dishes
Convenient, close to classes Commute time
RA on floor to answer questions No help if you have disruptive neighbors
Meet people More isolated from campus
Always someone to study with

May not be near other students

Security—Public Safety patrols the buildings at night No Public Safety patrol

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