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SPRING, 2007
Volume 50,
Number 3


From global health to museum studies to entrepreneurship

A rededication to educational excellence

Vote with your voice

Beyond academics: Helping create a remarkable citizen

Displayed to advantage

Jay Holstein: The rabbi behind the lecturn

Helping students where they live

Union renovation provides a cue for study and relaxation



The University of Iowa

Beyond academics: Helping create a remarkable citizen  A letter from Parents Association President Chris Scheldrup

Parent Association President Chris Scheldrup The University of Iowa is a world-class institution in education and research. The education afforded our students is by far the greatest educational bargain in this country when comparing the quality for the cost. For years, this has been the conclusion of UI parents and of professionals who evaluate and compare private and public institutions. As a parent and a consumer of educational services, I am pleased my student chose The University of Iowa.

What’s not evaluated in national magazines or U.S. Department of Education reports is what the University provides in terms of making our students world-class citizens. Each February, the UI Parents Association Board of Directors meeting coincides with the University of Iowa Dance Marathon.  Dance Marathon is a student organization that  generates funds for the Children’s Miracle Network and supports those medical professionals at  UI Hospitals and Clinics who treat children with  life-threatening diseases, particularly cancer. Each year, I watch all the energy and excitement of these  students as they clock the last three hours of their 24-hour dance marathon. Many of the families, including the children with cancer and other diseases, are with the students as they dance for 24 hours. It is so gratifying to see our students give so much to others. Although the dance is this organization’s pinnacle, there are hundreds of students who spend thousands of hours throughout the year raising funds, organizing, attending “mini dances” at area schools, and developing personal relationships with the families and children devastated by disease.

Dance Marathon is only one of many charitable and philanthropic organizations on campus.  Believe it or not, most undergraduate students at  the University give time to one or more of these organizations. Habitat for Humanity, Make-a-Wish Foundation, American Heart Association, and Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America are just a few of the organizations through which students give back to society. I would love a national magazine to compare these hours with those of students typically considered the  top 10 of prestigious institutions.

Creating “whole students”—those who are remarkable in all life pursuits—is a challenge the University takes to heart. Education and social consciousness are two components. Another is creating lifelong healthy habits. With the ever-increasing cost of health care, a workforce that is healthy will greatly impact the competitiveness of America’s business and industry. Regular exercise, healthy eating, eliminating smoking, and avoiding or minimizing conditions of obesity and depression will result in millions of dollars of savings. The University recently opened a phenomenal fitness and recreational facility on the west side of the campus that provides a venue for students to create these lifelong healthy habits. A similar facility is  in the works for the eastside campus. These two facilities, and the myriad of programs they will house, ensure the greatest opportunity for our  students to be healthy and productive in this  ever-competitive world economy.

This university and its students are truly remarkable.

Best regards to each of you.


Published by University Relations Publications. Copyright The University of Iowa 2004. All rights reserved.

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