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WINTER, 2006
Volume 50,
Number 2


Inspiring while aspiring

'Your only limit is your imagination'

Mom and Dad of the Year recognized

Guiding students as they navigate education, career options

Avoiding rental anguish

Remarkable students, remarkable athletes

Learning while living

Trying a job on for size

Deadline approaches for residence hall self-assignment

Why live on campus?



The University of Iowa

Why live on campus? Compare the costs.

On campus

Off campus

Academic year contract (9 months)

Lease (usually 12 months)

Advance payment refunded ($100)

Security deposit
refunded if no damage (up to two months' rent)

Utilities (electricity, gas, water, phone, cable, Internet) included in room rate

Utilities often not included in rent

No utility installation fees (phone, Internet, cable, electricity, gas)

Installation fees for utilities

Free Cambus service

75¢ per bus ride on city bus routes

Laundry in facilities in each building

May require trip to Laundromat

All-you-care-to-eat dining services

Regular trips to the grocery store, daily cooking, dirty dishes

Convenient, close to classes

Commute time likely

RA on floor to answer questions

No live-in help if you have disruptive neighbors

Easy to meet other students

More isolated from campus

Always someone to study with

May not be near other students

Security—Public Safety patrols the buildings at night

No dedicated Public Safety patrol

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