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SUMMER, 2008


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Residents reap rewards: Housing scholarships assist deserving students
Each year, University Housing singles out qualified and deserving students living in the residence halls and gives them a little financial boost, based on specific scholarship criteria. Read on to meet this year’s beneficiaries.

Natalie Chadwick

  Natalie Chadwick

Award: 2008 George L. Droll Award, a $1,000 room-and-board credit named for the man who joined University Housing in 1960 and served as its director from 1980 until his death in 1995
Hometown: Bothell, Wash.
Year in school: Junior
Major: Psychology and pre-nursing
Residence hall: Stanley

Career goals: To become a nurse practitioner in pediatrics or geriatrics

Why Iowa: I was drawn to the nationally recognized education that it offers in a number of different academic disciplines. The gorgeous campus and welcoming college atmosphere also enticed me.

Reason for living on campus: The easy access to campus, the fitness center, the computer lab, dining, and proximity to downtown make it convenient, and I enjoy interacting with people. After having lived in residential housing for three years, it is easy to see how the staff and students encourage interaction and work to create a welcoming living environment.

Extracurricular activities: Part-time work in Burge Market Place, weekly volunteer shifts at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, participation in many of the activities planned by residence hall staff

Other activities: Photography, scrapbooking, reading

Fall living arrangements: I will finish out my education in the same single on the 10th floor of Stanley.


Marc Zider

  Marc Zider

Award: 2008 David Coleman Scholarship, a $900 award given to a student who has overcome adversity to be successful at the University. Before his retirement in 2005, Coleman was a University Housing staff member who championed the causes of students who needed and deserved a second chance.
Hometown: Barrington, Ill.
Year in school: First-year student
Major: Pre-med
Residence hall: Burge

Career goals
: To practice medicine. I was a bone marrow transplant patient at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics in 1991. I think my experiences as a patient will benefit my future patients—I will be able to relate to them better.

Why Iowa: It’s a Big Ten school that is close enough to home to return for weekend visits. Plus, I had positive medical experiences here.

Reason for living on campus: Convenience—I was surprised at just how close my residence hall is to all of my classes. Being submerged into a different environment and learning to adapt accordingly have been both rewarding and challenging.

Extracurricular activities: Anything musical—I’ve played guitar since seventh grade.

Fall living arrangements: Same dorm, same room. I have a single, but the same people will be living next to me.


Other scholarships

In addition to the George L. Droll Award and the David Coleman Scholarship, University Housing annually awards the Hawkeye Food Service Student Employee Scholarships, in partnership with the Iowa Memorial Union. The $750 scholarships are awarded to select individuals who work in either Burge or Hillcrest Market Place or in IMU Food Services.

The following students received a Hawkeye Food Service Student Employee Scholarship in 2008:

  • Tonya Atherton, first-year student, Moline, Ill.
  • Frederick Black, senior, Council Bluffs, Iowa
  • Natalie Chadwick, junior, Bothell, Wash.
  • Danielle Hastings, sophomore, Waterloo, Iowa
  • Briana Horwath, senior, Clinton, Iowa
  • Kyle Jacobsen, junior, Clinton, Iowa
  • Austin Johnson, senior, Bettendorf, Iowa
  • Amanda Strong, junior, Muscatine, Iowa

For more information on University Housing scholarships, call 319-335-3000 or e-mail

by Sara Epstein Moninger




Published by University Relations Publications. Copyright The University of Iowa 2004. All rights reserved.

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