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SUMMER, 2008


How to help your child adjust to college life...
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Residents reap rewards

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Hawkeye birthday gifts and treats



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Three women try to hit targets with fire extinguishers during an Associated Residence Hall event.
There are numerous ways to get involved in residence hall life. Some activities are student sponsored, while others are arranged by Residence Life staff. Most students participate in at least one of the following: Associated Residence Halls, the overarching student government body for the residence halls; earthwords, an annual publication highlighting student artwork, prose, and poetry; Night Games, a monthly, late-night event held at the Field House; or an annual outdoor celebration such as May Daze (above), featuring an assortment of fun and games.


Help Your Student Remember to Reapply for Housing

On Jan. 26, 2009, students will receive information about reapplying to live in the residence halls for 2009–10. Students, not parents, will receive the reapplication materials, and only students can reapply. But parents can remind their students of the importance of these deadlines. If students do not reapply electronically, or fill out and return the UI Housing Application and Contract Card, by the Feb. 10 deadline, they will lose their opportunity to be housed in residence halls next year. So, make a note to yourself to drop your student a few reminders.

Moving in, Not Moving on

Young woman carries in a basket of hangers on Move-In Day.

Helping your student doesn’t end with move-in. Stay in contact several ways: first, check out University Housing’s web site and subscribe to a monthly e-mail newsletter (click on “Parents & Visitors” and then “News for Parents”), which includes deadlines and news relevant to your son’s or daughter’s residence hall experience. Also, be involved in the University by volunteering to serve on the Parents Association Advisory Board or by participating in Family Weekend. Or surprise your student with a care package from Hawkeye Birthday Gifts and Treats.


Hawkeye Dollars Reach Farther, Wider, Longer

In addition to food purchases on campus, Hawkeye Dollars may be used for laundry services and in select vending machines in the residence halls. This prepaid amount—each room contract includes $200 in Hawkeye Dollars per year ($100 per semester)—is credited to a special account, which students access by presenting a University ID. Residents may purchase additional Hawkeye Dollars in $50 increments at the Contracts and Assignments Office, 17 Burge, or in any amount at the Account Management Centers in the Burge, Hillcrest, and Mayflower lobbies.

Building on at Burge: Want to Know More?

University Housing is constructing a five-story addition on the northeast corner of Burge Hall. The project, which will add 100 beds and room for administrative offices, will continue into 2009. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to renovate without inconveniencing students. To learn more about the project and view the latest construction photos, visit the web site.




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