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The University of Iowa
Winter 2010-11


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Deadline to apply for campus housing fast approaching

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Deadline to apply for campus housing fast approaching

On Jan. 31, students who live in the residence halls will receive information on how to reapply for housing for the 2011–12 academic year. This information will be sent to students' University e-mail accounts. Students reapply electronically and charge the $120 payment ($100 advance payment and $20 nonrefundable application processing fee) to their March University bill.

Students talking in residence hall room.Students may access the reapplication information online. The web site ( includes the terms and conditions of the housing contract; the electronic reapplication; and important information on the self-assignment process, space changes, and cancellation. The deadline to apply electronically is 5 p.m., Feb. 10. Students will be required to have one of the following meal plans:

  • Traditional 20 meals per week (excluding Sunday evening)
  • Any 14 meals per week
  • Any 10 meals per week

Additionally, residents of Mayflower, Parklawn, the Lodge, Centerstone, or rooms with a University-supplied kitchen may choose any 5 meals per week or no meals.

Hawkeye Dollars

Each room contract includes $200 in Hawkeye Dollars per year ($100 per semester). Hawkeye Dollars may be used at Burge and Hillcrest Market Places; Mayflower, Currier, and Hillcrest C-Stores; all Iowa Memorial Union food service areas; retail venues in most campus buildings; and in residence hall washers and dryers. Additional Hawkeye Dollars can be purchased in the lobbies of Burge, Hillcrest, and Mayflower.

How it works

Students are assigned an initial access time to select and confirm a room and meal plan, between Feb. 28 and March 9, based on number of credit hours. When a room is selected, the student will automatically receive an e-mail confirmation of the assignment. Students may access the self-assignment system as frequently as they wish until 5 p.m., March 25, to search for a different room or to change the meal plan. If the student has not confirmed a room by that time, the application will be canceled, the $100 advance payment will be refunded, and the student will not be housed for the 2011–12 academic year. We are expecting another large first-year class. Therefore, we will not extend the March 25 deadline for those who do not confirm a room.

Returning and transfer students may choose to live in Parklawn, Centerstone, or Building 3 at the Lodge, which are apartment-style residence halls.

When students reapply, the rates for the 2011–12 academic year will not have been approved by the Board of Regents, State of Iowa; therefore, proposed rates will be displayed in the self-assignment system.

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