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The University of Iowa

Fall 2013


Kick-starting the Class of 2017

UI president talks tuition freezes, fundraising, and

Paper or pixels?

Letter from Tom Rocklin

What's coming up on campus?

Good for business

Student phone calls to alumni help improve people skills, raise funds


One for the books


A letter from Tom Rocklin, vice president for student life

Tom RocklinWelcome to the new academic year at the University of Iowa. I love the fall, when students flood back to campus and I’m reminded of why I’ve loved working with college students for the past 32 years.

There is a lot of excitement at the UI this fall. When you visit campus, you will see a lot of construction (sorry for the inconvenience!). Much of this work represents recovery from the flood of 2008. Over the next couple of years, we will be opening new music and art buildings, a new Hancher Auditorium, and the ground floor of the Iowa Memorial Union. Unrelated to the flood, you can see our first new residence hall in 45 years emerging from the ground on Grand Avenue, the Pappajohn Biomedical Discovery Building nearing completion, and the beginnings of our new Children’s Hospital.

All these new buildings, though, are really just places for your sons and daughters to have new experiences. That’s what their University of Iowa time should be about. They will encounter new ideas in the classroom, new people in the residence halls and student organizations, and new things about themselves as they grow and mature. I am sometimes amazed at the transformative effects that college has had on my own children. I hope your children will reach out and embrace new, perhaps challenging, experiences, and that you will support them as they do.

Interested in getting involved?

Speaking of support, we have been giving some thought to the ways in which we engage parents. We want to work with you as partners as you as support your son’s or daughter’s growth. We also want to open up avenues for you to support the work we do here. Toward that end, we are re-conceptualizing the structure and role of our Parents Association and the Parents Advisory Board. If you would like to help us think about the possibilities or perhaps apply to serve on the board, please be in touch with me at

I hope to see you at Family Weekend Oct. 25–27!





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