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Cigarette smoke won't waft under doorways and through hallways of the three lower floors of Rienow Hall because these entire floors are newly designated as nonsmoking areas. "The plan is to expand the nonsmoking areas to more floors next year if additional need is seen," said Maggie Van Oel, director of Residence Services.

Also newly designated for fall are the honors floors in Daum Hall. With one honors floor housing women and a second one for men, nearly 100 students who indicate interest on their housing application will be accepted. Assignments made for the honors floors are based on such factors as cultural and academic diversity, home town, and academic interest area. Assignments are coordinated with the University Honors Program and with the Office of Admissions.

Over the summer, Slater and Rienow halls each had one room designed for students with mobility disabilities. Wider doorways and private, fully accessible bathrooms inside the rooms will make living easier for University students who request accessible accommodations on the west side of campus.

And if your student habla Español, sprechen zie Deutsch, or parlez Français, the International Crossroads Community in Hillcrest may be an attractive housing option. Any student whose area of focus involves international studies may live in the community. Each year, approximately 50 students live there.

"The languages vary," said Cassidy Titcomb, education program coordinator in Residence Services. "The languages spoken wax and wane with students' interests. Everything from Russian to Japanese to Italian is studied or spoken by students living in the community."

Students don't need to speak one of these languages to live there, Titcomb emphasized. The community is adopting a more interdisciplinary approach to serve students interested in many different areas of international studies.

-Kristen Gandrow

Upgrades Galore: Fixing Up Your New Campus Residence

While the majority of students are away, University residence and facilities services' staff don't exactly play. In fact, the work accomplished over the summer prepares residences for another year of wear and tear. This summer's projects included $4 million dollars' worth of renovations, both behind-the-scenes improvements and more noticeable upgrades, such as:

Burge: The Instructional Technology Center is being expanded by doubling the number of computers available. The third and fourth "houses" will receive carpeting for the first time, as well as loftable wood furniture.

Currier: The landscape/street-scape around the main entrance will have a totally upgraded look, with all new plantings.

Daum: Air conditioning is being installed in each of the floor lounges.

Hillcrest: Rooms in the south section will receive major renovations to all bathrooms.

Mayflower: As part of an eight-year plan, the fire detection system is being upgraded and a fire suppression system is being installed. The Instructional Technology Center is being expanded by doubling the number of computers available.

Parklawn Apartments: Air conditioning is being installed for the first time.

Rienow: The main lounge is being redecorated.

Slater: The main lounge is being redecorated.

Stanley: Near the main entrance, the landscape/streetscape has a totally upgraded look with all new plantings.

- Kristen Gandrow

Just Like Home (Maybe Better)

Who has time to prepare comfort foods like tater tot casserole or meat loaf any more? Even if you don't, your student can get these and many other food choices every week in the residence halls, according to R. Steve Bowers, assistant director of food service.

"Especially during finals weeks, we always try to make those special dishes that students like and need during stressful times," he said. "We still do a lot of our food preparation from scratch.

"Believe it or not," Bowers added with a laugh, "students ask us for recipes to bring home for mom or dad to try."

Not many homes can offer 45 entrees each week with several choices at each meal. There's always a salad bar, deli bar for sandwiches, self-serve waffle bar, and self-serve soups available in the Burge, Quadrangle, and Hillcrest dining halls.

Special theme meals are offered throughout the year. "We always have a harvest dinner around Thanksgiving," Bowers said. And food can help fight off the midwinter blahs. In recent years, there have been fabulous fifties meals, spicy south-of-the-border Mexican theme dinners, and George Washington birthday dinners.

Food service also bakes birthday cakes for students, according to Bowers. Be sure to complete and return the coupon [below] for your student to receive a card and cake on his or her birthday.

- Kristen Gandrow


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