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SPRING 1999-00
Volume 43, Number 3


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Alcohol/Drug Convictions May Hurt

Students who apply to selective graduate programs such as law or medicine will be asked to list any misdemeanor or felony convictions–and that may be enough to keep them out, an article in The Daily Iowan has noted.

The article, by Lisa Livermore, says the College of Law requires students to list convictions. Bar associations also check when the students take the bar exam.

Richard Dobyns, chair of the College of Medicine’s admission committee, says most students who admit being charged or convicted list alcohol-related misdemeanors. This, he said, "is fairly concerning."

Physicians have a high rate of alcoholism in their careers because of stress, he says. "We don’t want to encourage people with problems with alcohol to enter the medical profession."

Dance Marathon Earns $357,000

Roughly 600 students danced for up to 30 consecutive hours in February in order to raise $357,000 for the Children’s Hospital of Iowa and other charitable organizations.

The money will be used to provide financial and emotional support to 115 families sponsored by Dance Marathon and served by the Children’s Hospital of Iowa, located in the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.

Over the past six years, Dance Marathons have raised a total of $1 million for the hospital and other charitable organizations.

Spring Semester Enrollment Gains

Enrollment at The University of Iowa for the spring 2000 semester totals 26,956, an increase of 81 students from spring semester in 1999. The Tippie College of Business showed the largest gain, with an increase of 119 undergraduate students from spring 1999 to spring 2000. Dentistry, law, medicine, and pharmacy also showed increases.

The enrollment is down by 1,890, or 6.6 percent, from fall semester of 1999-2000. Spring semester enrollment always is less than in fall, primarily because of students who graduate in December. This year, 1,400 students were graduated.

Parental Notification Rules Expanded

The University of Iowa has decided to notify parents of students found passed out in a public area of campus, hospitalized for alcohol intoxication, or arrested for public intoxication, says Phillip E. Jones, vice president for student services and dean of students.

The letters describe the circumstances, whether the student was hospitalized, and any action taken.

From the beginning of fall semester to November 20, 1999, the office sent letters to parents of 12 women and 11 men. Two had attempted suicide and 21 were intoxicated on alcohol. Thirteen required ambulance transportation.


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