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WINTER 1999-00
Volume 43, Number 2


Campus drinking culture can harm any student

Recreation facilities growing

Writers' Workshop spirit pervades University campus

Many courses teach students to write

Watch for more changes in residence halls

He knows his pillars

New housing reapplication plan adopted

Why live on campus? Consider the hidden costs

From Regents to Rotary, she's the University's communicator

Becoming Iowa

New business associate dean plans more honors sections

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Where's That Column?

It takes a keen eye to win a Residence Services contest! First-year student John Danner of Eagan, MN, was the only person who spotted the difference between the pillars on Old Capitol and those on Schaeffer Hall. This attention to detail resulted in a $25 gift certificate to spend in any of Old Capitol Mall’s stores.

John DannerThe contest asked first-year students to identify the locations of three photos printed on a letter they received from President Mary Sue Coleman this fall that outlined University expectations in regard to alcohol abuse by students and reiterated its policy against underage drinking. The photos showed a lion’s head, the head of a Native American man, and the pillars. All other entrants guessed that the pillars were on Old Capitol.

Danner, a chemical engineering major, lives on the Honors Floors of Daum Residence Hall. So far, he says, "I really like the University. It’s just a beautiful campus."



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