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ProTrav Travel Update 9/26/13

On Sept 26th, the following ProTrav - Travel update will be released:

Conference/Workshop Provided Meals:

Per the recent changes to UI travel policies, travelers should not incur expense or request reimbursement for meals provided by a conference or host.  To help assist campus in facilitating this change in policy, ProTrav has been updated to include a check box for departments and Accounts Payable to identify meals provided.  If meals have been marked as provided, the daily allowance will be automatically adjusted accordingly.

Departments are expected to review conference/meeting materials (i.e. agenda, itinerary, brochures) and denote on the traveler’s expense voucher any/all meals provided.  The Accounts Payable office will also audit conference materials and denote on the traveler’s expense voucher any meals provided.  If Accounts Payable identifies a meal as provided and the traveler claims that meal as procurement card or out of pocket expense, the traveler will need to provide a justification as to why they did not participate in the meal.  Click here to view illustration of this new functionality.

Questions can be directed to Sherry Reynolds-Miller, 335-0656.