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eBid Upgrade Changes


  • The header information is significantly simplified.  Duration or Time Left will always be displayed.
  • We have added additional hints in the response interface to help you easily see responses not submitted.
  • Only tabs relevant to a bid opportunity will be displayed.  For example, if no attachments have been added to a Bidding Event, the Attachments tab will not display.
  • Response Attachments are located in a dedicated tab.  This tab will not display if response attachments are not allowed.
  • Page sizes have been increased to thirty items, allowing you to view more items on each screen.
  • Email addresses displayed on Event Details are now clickable links.
  • The Response Submission tab has been added where you submit your response.  This tab includes the following functionality: 
    • ability to view and update core profile information;
    • ability to enter notes to the buyer;
    • a digital signature section displaying language that can be customized for each bid event and;
    • fields requiring the user to enter their full name and email address.

Username Recovery

We have added the ability for you to recover your username as a component of the existing password recovery. Please note: if you have multiple accounts in your system under the same email address, username recovery will not be possible. Contact for help with multiple accounts.
Password Recovery
A screenshot of the new username recovery screen:
Username Recovery

An example of wha tyou will see when responding to a bid event:

Supplier Bid Event
An example of an error and attempt to submit a response (the actual content of the tab was cropped for space).
Bid Error
Successful bid submission:
Bid Success
An example of the new Response Submission tab functionality:
Response Submission

User Interface Changes

Updated home screen is shown after logging in.  The new page is cleaner and provides more obvious links to access closed bids, responses, and bids awarded.

Home Screen
The Respond button has been removed to eliminate a step when bidding. When you click on a bid event, you will be taken to the new tabular layout with the ability to immediately start entering your response.
Improved informational messages to provide instructions to you on how to access closed bid information.
Info Message
Renamed former ‘Admin’ tab to ‘My Profile’.  Within the tab displays a tab strip offering easy access to all areas of your profile.
User Profile