Club Officers

Responsibilities: Club business, club management, leading meetings.
Lindsey Schneider
(319) 353-0790
cell: (563) 663-0822
lindsey-schneider at

Lauren Trolley
Executive Advisor
(319) 354-0925
lauren-trolley at

Vice Commodore
Responsibilities: Arranging for new members to be taught.
Erin Wehr-Flowers
(563) 263-9098
(563) 260-4852
erin-wehr-flowers at

Rear Commodore
Responsibilities: Arranging committees for regattas and
 organizing club racing.
Todd Burzynski
(319) 430-4578
burz at

Responsibilities: Reimbursements, managing club monies.
Eric Orzechowski
(319) 353-1500
eric-orzechowski at

Fleet Captain
Responsibilities: Managing the overall health of the fleets.
Jana Brumbaugh
Co-Fleet Captain
(563) 508-5826
brumbaughj at 

Richard Adkins
Co-Fleet Captain
(319) 362-7304 (h)
(319) 399-8651 (w)
radkins at

Harbour Master
Responsibilities: Managing the overall health of the boathouse
 and dock
Ali Fakhry
Assistant Harbor Master
(319) 338-3222 (h)
(319) 335-7543 (w)
ali-fakhry at

Membership Chair - Membership
Responsibilities: First contact with the club, keeping current
 membership lists, selling memberships, keeper of the boathouse keys
Heather Clark
(319) 665-4728
heather at

Publicity/ Social Chair
Responsibilities: Managing membership drives, Publicizing club
 events and activities.
Jenny Springsteen
(319) 325-3955
jennysailing at

Responsibilities: Recording the meetings, helping out...

Responsibilities: maintain club website/calendar
Benjamin Doyle
doylesailing at

Faculty Advisor
Responsibilities: Serve as liaison between U of I and UISC, Advise
on matters concerning U of I, Approve club spending.
Warren Darling
(319) 354-3296
warren-darling at

Executive Advisor
Responsibilities: Advisor to executive committee. 
John Huntley
john-huntley at

Team Captain Responsibilities: Organizing the Collegiate Sailing Team.

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