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Exam Services (ES)


Exam Services facilitates testing accommodations for students who are eligible for modifications such as:

  • Extended time: the length of the exam is extended to time and a half or double time

  • Reduced distraction testing environment: the student is placed in either a semi-private room with a limited number of students or in a private room (alone)

  • Audio Format:

    • Kurzweil or Read & Write Gold: the exam (in electronic format) is read to the student by a computer

  • Scribe:
    • Scantron: a staff member will fill in the scantron form from the answers circled on the exam paper
    • Essay: the student will dictate the answers to a staff member for short answer and essay questions

  • Word Processor: the student will use Word to type the answers to the exam

  • Other: the student may qualify for other testing accommodations as determined by SDS. The other accommodations may include, but are not limited to, items such as the following:

    • breaks during the exam period
    • food or drink allowed during exam period
    • exams may need to be rescheduled if condition exacerbates
    • exams should be scheduled for certain periods during the day
    • instructor discretion to use list of words or notes during exam

  • Calculator: the student may use the type of calculator specified by the instructor for all quizzes and exams.

For more information regarding Exam Services, please contact