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What is a SAAR form?

SAAR is the acronym for Student Academic Accommodation Request (SAAR). This form will list classroom and exam accommodations that have been approved, based on documentation of disability, for the class that you are taking.

I want to take my tests at Student Disability Services (SDS). Can I just come there for the exam?

Assuming that you are registered with SDS, you need to first set up an appointment with an SDS advisor each semester that you are enrolled to fill out a SAAR form for each class for which you want exam accommodations. You may schedule a SAAR appointment at 319-353-1462. The next step is to take the form to the class instructor to complete the exam administration section and to sign the form. Finally you need to return the signed SAAR form to the SDS office by the deadline, Wednesday of the week before the first test, or three weeks before the final exam. SDS does NOT administer exams if the signed SAAR form has not been returned to the office.

Why do I need to turn in my SAAR form by the deadline?

The deadline is the Wednesday of the week before the first test or two weeks before the final exam. This allows time for the exam to be scheduled to meet your accommodation.

What happens if I do not turn in my SAAR form by the deadline?

If you turn in your form after the deadline, SDS cannot guarantee that space will be available that will meet your accommodation. If no space is available at all, you will need to either take the exam with the class or contact your instructor to see if he/she can provide the accommodation.

I need to reschedule an exam. Who do I contact?

Call 319-335-1464 or send an email to and provide your name, the course name and number, original date/time scheduled and the date/time to reschedule. That information should be provided as soon as possible so that your exam can be correctly scheduled.  The reschedule needs to be approved by your professor as well.  After you discuss it with the instructor, have them email or call our office to confirm.

Please contact for more information.