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Exam Services (ES)
Student Guidelines

In order to maintain the quality and integrity of SDS Exam Services, the following procedures and expectations are in place:

  • Student Academic Accommodation Request (SAAR) forms should be turned in as soon as possible.

  • Students should schedule time to meet with instructors to discuss the exam accommodations indicated by the Disability Advisor on the front of the SAAR form. Instructors are responsible for implementing the accommodations but can consult or use SDS Exam Services facilities to provide accommodations.
    1. Ask the instructor if he/she wishes to use SDS to provide exam accommodations.
    2. Make sure the instructor has indicated exam delivery to SDS and exam return from SDS.
    3. With the instructor, list the dates and times to take exams at SDS. Please note SDS Exam Services hours below.

Taking Exams at SDS

  • SDS Exam Services is open M-F 9:00am – 4:00pm. Exams cannot begin before 9:00am and must end by 4:00pm. SDS Exam Services will be open extended hours during final exam week.

  • Exams and quizzes must be scheduled by the Wednesday of the week prior to the first date written on the back of the SAAR form. Final exams must be scheduled by the date listed on the SAAR form.

  • SDS Exam Services will adhere to the test times submitted on the SAAR form. Students are expected to arrive at SDS at the time indicated on the SAAR form.

  • If a student is late to the scheduled exam, the end time will not be extended.

  • If a student is unable to take a scheduled exam, he/she must notify SDS Exams Services AND the instructor as soon as possible. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the instructor to reschedule the exam. (Note: Once scheduled, instructors are not obligated to reschedule an exam.)

  • All personal belongings and/or any materials not indicated on the SAAR form must be stored in the designated area.

  • Once an exam begins, students may only leave the testing room for a quick restroom break or if breaks are allowed as a designated accommodation.

  • No food or drink is allowed in the testing room unless it is a designated accommodation.

  • If a course is dropped for which exams have been scheduled at SDS, please notify SDS as soon as possible. Other students may be able to use the time and space that was reserved.

  • Students must remember the dates and times for exams scheduled at SDS.

  • All SDS testing facilities are monitored by closed circuit cameras with recording capabilities.

  • The University of Iowa takes the issue of cheating very seriously. If cheating or other academic dishonesty is observed or suspected, the instructor will be notified immediately. The University of Iowa Code of Student Life can be found at

For Exam Services questions, please contact

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