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Student Disability Services Spotlight
Spring 2013

Danny Razowsky, Senior

  1. What is your current academic status?

    • 4th year Interdepartmental Studies: Business Track and Studio Arts Major

  2. List all the extra-curricular activities you are involved with including any officer roles.

    • Alpha Epsilon Fraternity (Member)
    • Photography Club (Member)
    • Dance Marathon (Member)
    • Intramural Basketball and Mini-Golf
    • Hillel, Studied Abroad in London

  3. What is your disability, if you are comfortable to share?

    I have a moderate to severe hearing loss and I've been wearing hearing aids in both ears since I was 3 1/2. I’ve learned to accept myself for who I am, which has helped me grown and become a stronger person.

  4. What accommodations have been helpful or how has SDS impacted you?

    SDS is a great place because if you ever need help with school, they will find a way to help your needs. Carly is my SDS advisor. She's been a huge help by understanding my disability. She feels for us and wants to do whatever it takes to make our learning experience better. One accommodation is having a notetaker in class, which allows me to do better in the course. I'm able to focus more on what the instructor is saying rather then multi-tasking on writing notes and trying to listen to the teacher talk at the same time. Also, SDS has a place to take exams, which is a nice quite place to take them. It allows me to focus better and be relaxed right before I take any exam, which is the key to doing well on tests!

  5. What advice would you give to a high school student who has a disability and plans to attend college next year?

    To not be afraid to join extra-curricular activities. You will feel more involved and part of university by doing so. University of Iowa is a huge university with many choices of clubs and activities. Whatever hobbies you have, they will have some sort of student organization! It’s a great way to meet people. Also, don’t be afraid to try it. It’s better to say that you at least tried it than not trying at all.

  6. What advice would you give to a student on campus who has a disability?

    Take advantage of your disability. Use your accommodations because it will take a load off your chest and will help you succeed. Also, do not be afraid to study abroad. All the help you have at University of Iowa will be the exact same abroad. All teachers really do care to help better your learning environment. I was worried about them not being able to accommodate my needs, but it honestly was totally worth it. I was proud of myself to overcome my fear and be able study abroad with a whole new environment. I got to travel to 10 different countries. It helped me open my eyes up to a whole new level.

  7. If you could share some general advice with a student on campus or a high school student, what would it be?

    College is a maturing stage. You will learn a lot about yourself and others. The most important thing is to relax and be yourself. Enjoy every moment of college, because it’ll be over before you know it!

  8. Where is your favorite place to eat in town?

    Oasis Falafel House! Mhmm, there are too many good places to eat in Iowa City. Over the four years, make sure to try every restaurant. Trust me, it’s possible.

  9. What is your favorite food and drink?

    Mac & Cheese at the restaurant Atlas. My favorite drink is Yogi Tea.

  10. What is your favorite activity to do at UI?

    To see live music and entertainment in Iowa City. They’ve got great venues with nice people atmosphere.

  11. What are your hopes or plans after you graduate?

    My plan is be an assistant property manager and get my Real Estate License. My hope is to learn all about residential/commercial real estate and be able to develop beautiful looking homes, buildings, and hotels.

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