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Course Materials:

Health Care Law and Ethics, 5th Edition, Curran, Hall, Bobinski and Orentlicher, (1999)

Course Slides:

Health Headlines
The Treatment Relationship: Formation and Termination
Confidentiality and Consent
Medical Malpractice
Right and Duty to Die
Regulating The Treatment Relationship-Professional Licensure
Organ Transplantation: The Control, Use, and Allocation of Body Parts

Interesting Cases:

Pauscher v. Iowa Methodist Medical Center (Principal case on law of informed consent in Iowa)

Iowa Statutes:

Partner Notification Statute (HIV, AIDS) 141.6
AIDS, ch. 141 (generally), including confidentiality of records, 141.10
Emergency Care Provider Notification 141.22A
Informed Consent 147.137
Anatomical Gifts 142C
Life-Sustaining Procedures (Living Will) 144A
Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care 144B
   Form of Iowa Durable Health Care Power


Other readings:

Use of Animals as Organ Donors-Concern over Spread of Disease
How Much Should Be Paid for Eggs
Incidence of Physician Assisted Suicide
Can father sue to recover support payments he made to child born as result of unconsented IVF
The Ethics of Aids Research in Uganda
Suit over "Stolen Sperm" and the Obligation to Support a Child
Physician-Assisted Suicide on the Public's Mind



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