Property Law
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Course Materials:

Kurtz & Hovenkamp, American Property Law, 3rd ed. (1999)
Bergin & Haskell, Preface to Estates and Land and Future Interests
Hovenkamp & Kurtz, The Law of Property (West Publishing Company, 5th ed)
Kurtz & Cain, Property Outline (Casenotes Publishing Co.)

Other Materials:

Future Interest Review Problems
So You Want to be a Lawyer: A Play in Four Acts by Nicholas Johnson
Code of the West (Property Law for the Faint Hearted)
The Ideal Title Opinion


Course Slides (Powerpoint Required):

Chapter 1 Slides 
Chapter 2 Slides  
Chapter 3 Slides  
Chapter 4 Slides  
Chapters 5 and 6  
Chapter 7

Toddler's Property Law

If I like it, it is mine
If it's in my hand, it is mine
If I can take it from you, it is mine
If I had it a little while ago, it is mine
If it is mine, it must never appear to by yours in any way
If I am doing or building something, all of the pieces are mine
If it looks just like mine, it is mine
If I think it is mine, it is mine


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