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Meet the Decedent

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Course Materials:

Dukeminier & Johanson, Wills, Trusts and Estates (8th Edition)
Trusts and Estates Statutes (Foundation Press)
Statutory Supplement (Cain and Kurtz)
Kurtz, The Iowa Rule Against Perpetuities--Reform at Last, Restatement Style, Wait-and-See and Cy Pres, 69 Iowa L. Rev. 705 (1984)
Medicaid Trust Table (Prepared by Professor Pat Cain)


Model Wills of Interest to Law Students:

Model Will (includes trust for children payable in three installments; appointment of fiduciaries, including guardians; updated broad powers of investment keyed to newest Restatement of Trusts);
Young Professional's Will (includes outright disposition for spouse and trust for any child under the age of 25);
Model Will for Law Student (includes contingent gift for spouse and issue if student ever marries as well as a trust to terminate when youngest surviving child attains certain age).


Course Slides (Chapters keyed to Dukeminier & Johanson): Viewable and Now Downloadable for PowerPoint 95

Chapter 1-Introduction
Chapter 2-Intestacy: An Estate Plan by Default
Chapter 3-Wills: Capacity and Contests
Chapter 4-Execution of Wills
Chapter 5-Will Substitutes: NonProbate Transfers
Chapter 6-Interpretation of Wills
Chapter 7-Restrictions on the Power of Dispositions...
Chapter 8-Trusts
Chapter 9-Building Flexibility into Trusts: Powers of Appointments
Chapter 10-Construction Trusts: Future Interests
Chapter 11-Duration of Trusts: The Rule Against Perpetuities