Address: University of Iowa College of Law Rm. 446 Iowa City, IA 52242 (319)-335-9069 Date of Birth: 5/18/43

Marital and
Parental Status: Alice Kurtz, spouse
Andrea Kurtz, child (Born 7/13/70)
Emily Kurtz, child (Born 7/25/73)
Education: Syracuse University (1960-1964) B.A. (History)
Syracuse University (1964-1967) LL.B. (J.D.) (summa cum laude)
Law School Honors
and Major Activity: Managing Editor, Syracuse Law Review
Order of the Coif
Justinian Honor Society
Law Practice: Mudge, Rose, Guthrie & Alexander
(then Nixon, Mudge, Guthrie, Alexander & Mitchell)
20 Broad Street
New York, New York
1967-1969 (July 1967 - December 1969)
Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton
One State Street Plaza
New York, New York 10004
(January 1970 - 1973)
Teaching Experience: University of Iowa
College of Law
Iowa City, Iowa
Associate Professor 1973-1976
Professor 1976-1982
Iowa Law School Foundation Distinguished Professor of Law 1982-1985
Percy Bordwell Distinguished Professor of Law 1985-1989; 1991-thereafter
Professor of Medicine (Division of Surgery) College of Medicine, University of Iowa
Florida State University
Dean and Foundation Distinguished Professor, 1989-91
University of Virginia
School of Law
Charlottesville, Virginia
Visiting Professor of Law 1979-1980
University of North Carolina
School of Law
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Visiting Professor, Summer 1983
University of Durham
Law Department
Durham, England
Visiting Professor, Fall 1983
University of Miami
School of Law
Coral Gables, Florida
Adjunct Professor, Graduate Estate
Planning Program, 1984-1989; 1994-1995


Teaching Awards: 1987 Burlington Northern Best Teacher Award at the University of Iowa
1989 University of Iowa Best Teacher Award, Law School Nominee
Courses Taught: Property
Family Estate Planning
Trusts and Estates
Federal Estate and Gift Taxation
Administration of Estates and Trusts
Income Taxation of Estates and Trusts
Law and Technology Seminars:
(a) Surrogacy Arrangements
(b) Assisted Death
(c) Sale and Exchange of Body Parts
(d) Model Organ Transplant Legislation
(e) Scientific Evidence
Health Law (since 1991)


1. Books: (1) Iowa Estates: Taxation and Administration (with Reimer) (1975) (pp. 995) (2) Income and Estate Taxation of Decedents and Their Estates (1977) (pp. 741) (3) Kurtz on Iowa Estates (1981) 3 volumes (pp. 1595) (4) Estate Planning for Shareholders of A Closely Held Corporation (with Hood and Shors) (Little, Brown & Co. 1982) 2 volumes plus supplement (1986) (pp. 1241) (5) Problems, Cases and Materials on Family Estate Planning (West Publishing Co. 1983) (pp. 853) (6) American Property Law (with Hovenkamp) (West Publishing Co. 1987) (pp. 1296), with Supplement (1988) (7) Wills, Trusts and Estates (with McGovern & Rein) (West Publishing Co. 1988) (pp. 996) (8) Kurtz on Iowa Estates 2nd ed. (1989), 2 volumes (pp. 1291) (9) Survey of the Law of Property, 3d ed. (1991) (pp. 690) (with Boyer and Hovenkamp) (10) American Property Law, 2nd Ed. (with Hovenkamp)(West Publishing Co. 1993)(pp.1232). (11) Kurtz on Iowa Estates 3rd ed. (1995), 2 volumes (pp. 1236)
  2. Articles: (1) Allocation of Increases and Decreases to Fractional Share Marital Deduction Bequest, 8 Real. Prop. Prob. & Tr. J. 450 (1973) (2) The Augmented Estate Concept under the Uniform Probate Code: In Search of an Equitable Elective Share, 62 Iowa L. Rev. 981 (1977) (3) The Impact of the Revenue Act of 1978 and the 1976 Tax Reform Act on Estate Tax Marital Deduction Formulas, 64 Iowa L. Rev. 739 (1979) (4) The Iowa Rule Against Perpetuities: A State of Little or No Law, 65 Iowa L. Rev. 177 (1979) (5) Marital Deduction Estate Planning Under the Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981: Opportunities But Watch the Pitfalls, 34 Rutgers L. Rev. 591 (1982) (6) Purchase Options Created by Will, 17th University of Miami Institute on Estate Planning, ch. 4 (1983) (7) The Iowa Rule Against Perpetuities -- Reform at Last, Restatement Style, Wait-and-See and Cy Pres, 69 Iowa L. Rev. 705 (1984) (8) The Proposed QTIP Regulations and Their Siblings, 20th University of Miami Institute on Estate Planning, ch. 11 (1986) (9) Power of Appointment Under the Uniform Probate Code, 55 Albany Law Rev. 1151 (1992) (10) The Transplant Paradox: Overwhelming Public Support for Organ Donation vs. Under-Supply of Organs: The Iowa Organ Procurement Study, 21 Journal of Corporation Law 767 (1996) 3. Others Publications: (1) Faculty Review of the Dean, XIX Syllabus No. 4, pg. 3 (2) In Support of Euthanasia, American Medical News, 1/91 (3) Book Review, Standard of Care, Ethics, 1995 (4) Forward, Organ Symposium 20 J. Corp. Law 1 (1995) 4. Other Scholarly Works: (1) Co-Project Director of Iowa intestacy study published under title: A Comparison of Iowans Dispositive Preferences With Selected Provisions of the Iowa and Uniform Probate Codes," 63 Iowa L. Rev. 1041 (1978) (2) Consultant, Model Human Reproductive Technologies and Surrogacy Act, 72 Iowa L. Rev. 943 (1987) (3) Consultant, Model Aid-in-Dying Act, 75 Iowa L. Rev. 125 (1989) (4) Consultant, Cadaveric Organ Donor Act, 18 J. Corp. Law 523 (1993) (5) Consultant, Living Organ Donor Act, 18 J.Corp. Law 561 (1993)




(a) Member, American Law Institute (b) Member, American College of Trusts and Estates Counsel (formerly American College of Probate Counsel) (c) Advisory Member of Iowa State Bar Association Committee on Probate, member 1977 to 1989 (d) Member, American Society of Law, Medicine and Ethics (e) Principal University of Iowa Committees: Member, Faculty Senate, 1989; 1991 to date Member, Faculty Council, 1989; 1991 to date Vice-President of Faculty Senate (President-elect), 1995-96 President, Faculty Senate, President, 1996-97 University of Iowa Non-Resident Tuition Review Committee, member 1976-78, chair 1978 Chair 1978-79 University of Iowa Committee on Committees, member 1980-1983, 1995- University of Iowa Judicial Commission, chair 1982-1988, member 1992-to date Member of President's Campaign Cabinet for IE 2000 Campaign External Review Committee for the College of Education, chair Member, Committee on Institutional Advancement, 1988-89 Faculty Rules and By-laws Committee, chair 1992-3 Funded Retirement Insurance Committee, member 1994-date Ad Hoc Committee to Review Collegiate Review Rules, chair 1994-to date Ad Hoc Committee on Conflict of Interest Policy, chair 1994-to date Budgetary Planning Committee, 1994-date Committee on Institutional Advancement, 1995-date "Needlestick Committee", member 1994-95 Task Force Relating to Student Health, 1995 Post-tenure Effort Allocation Committee, 1996-97 (f) Member, Multi-State Bar-Essay Question Drafting Committee, 1988-90 Chair, Multi-State Bar-Essay Question Drafting Committee, since 1990 (g) Committee on Decedents' Estates, Fiduciaries and Estate Planning of the Association of American Law Schools, principal organizer and chair 1985 and 1986 (h) Committee of Trust Law Reform, Iowa State Bar Association, since 1994 (i) Principal Iowa Law School Committees: Curriculum Committee, member 1975-77, 1986-87; chair 1977-78, 1983-84, 1986-87, member 1987-88; 1995-96 Faculty Recruitment Committee, member 1979-82, 1988-89; chair 1980-81; 1991-to date Accelerated Program Committee, member 1975-76; chair 1976-77 Clinical Education Committee, member 1975-77 Chair, Building Dedication Committee 1984-85 Computer Committee, member 1984 to date Faculty-Student Relations Committee, chair 1986-88 Internal Procedures Committee, chair 1987-88; 1994-to date Library Committee, member 1987-88 Strategic Planning Committee, member, 1988-89 Retention Committee, member, 1974-78; 1991-to date Self-Study Committee, chair, 1991 to 1993 (j) Bar Membership: Member, New York State Bar Association (admitted to practice, 1967)


Short Bio:

Sheldon F. Kurtz is the Percy Bordwell Professor of Law in the College of Law and a Professor of Medicine in the University of Iowa's Department of Surgery. He earned his Juris Doctorate degree from Syracuse University in 1967 and joined the faculty of the University of Iowa in 1973 after practicing law for five years in New York City. He has taught continuously at Iowa since 1973, except for visiting professorships at the University of Virginia, the University of North Carolina, the University of Durham and for a two-year period when he served as Dean of the Law School of Florida State University. His principal scholarly activities have been in the areas of Property, Probate and Health Law. He is the author of 10 books and numerous articles. He is also a past-President of the University of Iowa Faculty Senate.