Arts and Sciences

Arts and sciences are a vital part of the SCA. They create the atmosphere at events, give members something to do, and allow us to learn about the Middle Ages and Renaissance by doing things. Even people at their first event will have first hand contact with arts and sciences. Everyone who goes to an SCA event is expected to make a reasonable attempt at wearing medieval or renaissance style clothing. The fighters must wear armor that looks appropriate. Most events include a feast, which includes medieval food and drink, as well as eating off of medievally-styled plates and bowls.

The following is a list of links to a variety of pages concerning various aspects of arts and sciences. The general sources have  information about many topics. Happy browsing!

Please e-mail me with suggestions for the addition of categories and web sites of interest!

Interested in learning more? Contact person is the A&S minister.

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General SCA sources
SCA Arts and Sciences
Stefan's Florilegium - this is a selected archive from many different SCA related lists, including the Rialto and SCA arts
Cariadoc's Miscellany

General -- Non-SCA
Internet Medieval Sourcebook
Labyrinth: Resources for Medieval Studies, sponsored by Georgetown University
Medieval Feminist Index

SCA Publications
SCA: Compleat Anachronist Index
New Calon Scrolls
Boke of Divers Knowlege

Non-SCA Publications

Anglo-Saxon & Viking Cultures and Living History Groups
Viking Resources for the Re-enactor by Thora Sharptooth
Regia Anglorum - Anglo-Saxon and Viking Britian

Other Cultures & Living History Groups
Mongol Information Sites, courtesy of the Horde


Footwear of the Middle Ages With special emphasis on Britain and Denmark By Diarmuit Ui Dhuinn

Medieval/Renaissance Food
Boke of Gode Cookery by James L. Matterer

Medieval/Renaissance Brewing



Medieval Art index

Calligraphy & Illumination






Gardens & Herbalism


Glassworking - lampworking and glassblowing
SCA-ARTS listserv citation index - Beading
The Medieval Beadwork page

History of Science
General History of Science and Technology

Metalwork & Coins 
Comparative Chronology of Money

Music & Dance
SCA Dance
SCA Music
SCA Minstrel Page
Del's Dance Book (medieval dance manual)
The Cantigas de Santa Maria (13th century Spain)
Fabrito Caroso's Il Ballarino (1581)
Images from Arbeau (1589)
The Music of Thomas Ravenscroft



Ships & Shipbuilding
Mary Rose, a 16th century English warship, sunk in 1545, raised in 1979


From the Calontir Webpage
Katriana's Calontir Songbook
Wine, Women, and Song
Other Calontir songs
The Last of Atlantia's Fighting Peers

Medieval Technology -- information on technological innovation and related subjects in western Europe during the Middle Ages

Weapons & Warfare


Weaving & Textiles



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