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  The Shire of Shadowdale is a branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), a world-wide non-profit living history organization devoted to the study and re-creation of the Middle Ages and Renaissance (covering the time period from 600-1600 AD). We are largely a group of part time scholars who emphasize re-creative and experimental techniques to learn about the past. The SCA as a whole studies nearly every aspect of our "period" including clothing, food, drink, heraldry, archery, and martial arts. Members are also involved in many more activities. We have information on resources specifically for children and educators as well.

  This is a directory for membership and current activities information for the greater Iowa City area. This area includes Johnson County and part of Cedar County, located in the central part of the southeast quarter of Iowa. Our members include students and citizens from the area. The shire is a recognized student group at the University of Iowa. There are several other groups in Iowa, within our geographical region called the Kingdom of Calontir, and around the world. Links to our neighboring groups.

   For new people, go to the SCA for beginners. For Demo information go to SCA Demos.

Shire News: Spring RUSH is confirmed and the website is up!

Upcoming Local Happenings

Sunday, January 20 1:30pm- Heraldry meeting at Gawain's

Tuesday, January 22 6:30pm- Farble at ICPL

Thursday, January 24 10:00am- Student org fair at IMU

Saturday, March 30 9:00am- Spring RUSH

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Seneschal: Lady Lucinda Whyteland

Exchequer: Honorable Lady Aemilia Sabine

Herald: Lady Rohese de Dinan

Chronicler: Vacant

Marshal: Sir Dirk MacMartin

Webminister: Lady Aritê gunê Akasa

A&S Minister: Lord Galen MacColmáin

Chatelaine: Lady Verena Näherin
Chirurgeon: Vacant

Minister of Youth: Vacant




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