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Interested in studying with us?

If you are interested in studying in our lab in an official capacity there are two ways to do so: (a) as an official visiting student to the University of Iowa and (b) as a graduate student funded by the departments of Linguistics or Spanish and Portuguese or by the Ph.D. program in SLA.

To do (a), please contact the directors directly to discuss this possibility, your needs and desires as well as the financial feasibility of coming. To do (b), you will need to apply directly to the department that best suits your individual needs. In such a case, it would be a good idea to get in touch with associated faculty members as well as indicate explicitly in your statement of purpose your desire to work in our lab.

For more information on applying to related graduate programs please follow the links below and/ or contact:

More information:

(general info)

(MA and Ph.D)

(MA and Ph.D)

(Foreign Language Acquisition, Research and Education, Ph.D. Only)

Sample Courses taught by Dr. Slabakova

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