Angie Carter

Angie Carter is an English Honors student at the University of Iowa.
Only in her second year, she has already been involved with the Undergraduate Fiction Workshop and the Undergraduate Nonfiction workshop. She has travelled throughout much of Europe, and hopes to return to France next year as an exchange student. Her piece
Translation is indicative of her writing style and life.

Matt Davis

Matt Davis is an undergraduate student at the University of Iowa. A lover of science fiction, great literature, and music, he is a truly gifted artist, involved in many different factions of the Iowa City musical community, represented in this issue by his poem goodnight moon.

Raphael K. Evanoff

Raphael K. Evanoff was born in Rochester, New York and is currently attending the University of Iowa. He is a second year transfer student from the University of Michigan. Drawn out to the midwest with the intentions of dropping out of college, getting married, and opening up a small bait-and-tackle store, he is putting his plans on hold to finish his college studies and major in English. His work is repesented in this issue as a part of the Road to Nowhere: American Road Culture 1945 to present class. Taught by Tom Simmons, the class focuses on experience, and Raphe's Journal showcases a different form of academic work.

Ben Gocker

Ben Gocker is also from Rochester, New York. A sophomore here at the University of Iowa, he is currently involved in the Undergraduate Poetry Workshop. His writing style is influenced greatly by the work of fellow Rochester native, John Ashbery. Ben is a devoted fan of the New York School Poets, and hopes to someday awe the world with his poetic skills. His two pieces in this issue reveal a fine example of his unique and amusing poetry. These two pieces are Compromise of the Crown and A Variation on a Theme by Kenneth Koch, of a Variation on a Theme by William Carlos Williams, and Ultimately, a Variation on a Theme by God. He also provided the cover picture.

Molly Collins Grogan

Molly Collins Grogan is an English major at the University of Iowa. She is a second year transfer student from Penn State. In her first year at the University of Iowa, she is in the Non-fiction Undergraduate Writers' Workshop and the English Honors program. She'd like to thank her parents for this opportunity, and send her undying love to Sage. Molly's piece, The Anti-Christmas, is a crisp portrayal of her style.

Maura McGrath

Maura McGrath is an English and Theater major from Madison, Wisconsin. A playwright, Maura has been involved in many different writing classes at the University of Iowa and just recently was accepted into the Irish Summer Writing Program at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. She also volunteers with many different organizations in Iowa City. Her play, Torn Pieces, provides the reader with the unique experience of reading a play on the web.

Chris Miller

Chris Miller is an undergraduate English Honors student at the University of Iowa. Studying both English and History, his piece Isn't That Something combines these two subjects in a unique way. He wants people to know that he is a janitor and movie projectionist by trade.

Holly Nesbeitt

Holly Nesbeitt is a senior at the University of Iowa. A Classics major, she is a voracious reader of ancient poetry, a clumsy pianist, a runner, an insouciant chef, a devotee of Bach, superstitious about the color blue, and partial to the word "paratactic." Her translation, Enkomion: For Theoxenos of Tenedos, from the Ancient Greek poem by Pindar is an example of the creative academic work that SMACK! promotes.

Sara Nevills

Sara Nevills is graduating in May with a degree in English and Communications. After college, she plans to move in with her parents temporarily, set up home base, and travel throughout the summer months. Eventually she would like to pursue a career in International Public Relations. Sara has been writing poetry since the fifth grade and is an easily inspired person. A word poet, she likes to pick instances apart, and then put them back together again. Sara is represented in this issue by her poem In Eve's Defense.

Jennifer Noyce

Jennifer Noyce is a sophomore at the University of Kansas majoring in English. Her work has been recognized across the Midwest. Her two poems, to break her fall and they underestimate her, in this issue, are great examples of her style. She wants readers to know that she hates 'N Sync, but thinks the Backstreet Boys are "tha bomb."

Andrew Pace

Andrew Pace is a sophomore at the University of Iowa majoring in English. A member of the Undergraduate Poetry Workshop for the second time, Andrew hopes his work will take him to one of the many prestigious graduate level MFA or MA program across the country. Having lived in many different places, he is a prolific Spanish speaker, though he most recently hails from the Minneapolis/ St. Paul region of Minnesota. Andrew is featured three times in this issue with his poems fire escaping you, one side of a conversation with Absalom and sundays we spent in nothing.

Emily Ratzell

Emily Ratzel is in her second year at the University of Iowa, studying Biology and Art. She is originally from Iowa, but moved around much of her life. She went from the Philippines, to Belgium, to Virginia, to England, and is now back where she started from in Iowa City. In her free time she participates with the Women's Club Soccer team, volunteers at the hospital and the local animal shelter. Ideally, she envisions her future career working in a zoo or doing field research incorporating both art and biology. Her work is featured throughout much of SMACK! in the form of designs and drawings.

Megan Rocker

Megan Rocker is a senior English Honors student with a minor in Linguistics. This combination provides the basis for her essay But Can He Make a Good Cup of French Drip?: Notes on the Style of Raymond Chandler. She wants readers to know that she likes to run both on the track and in road races as a member of the Running Wild racing team. She also believes that Ketchup and Cool Whip are universal condiments, and that there is no food on which at least one or the other will not go swimmingly. She also needs a job.

Josh Rothenberger

Josh Rothenberger attends Syracuse University, where he studies under accomplished poets such as Michael Burkhard and Roger Hecht. He will soon be published in Remley's 1999 Anthology of Poetry. His themes, driven by the true beauties and follies of the human being yet expressed in a language far beyond that of concrete, tend to be fixed where the real and abstract converge, this is aptly expressed in his poem Car and Sky.

Nicholas A. Smith

Nicholas A. Smith spent his early years in New Orleans, Louisiana. It is appropriate, then, that his essay in this issue, Idealism and Insanity: The Subversion of the Southern Belle through Blanche DuBois, should come out of the work he did for Barbara Eckstein's class on the literature and culture of 20th century New Orleans. Nicholas is in both the English and Religion Honors programs, and is also working on minors in German and Philosophy. He is graduating in May and heading to law school next year.


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