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The Seminar for Research in Art Education provides an informal, yet focused exchange of ideas about research and inquiry in the field of art education. The organization has three main goals:
  • Create opportunities for those concerned with research in art education to come together to learn of each other's activities.
  • Promotes discussion of work in the field.
  • Facilitates further research efforts.
Specific Purposes:
  • Afford opportunity for the exchange of ideas and information concerning research in art education and related fields.
  • Provide a forum for dialogue on issues and research problems in the field of art education.
  • Survey and appraise current research needs and directions, and suggest means for meeting these needs.
  • Anticipate new problems, issues and concerns for the profession of art education that involve the various aspects of research such as the development of workshops, institutes, and graduate student seminars.
  • Serve the National Art Education Association (NAEA) as a resource of individuals uniquely qualified and interested in research in art education.
  • Support activities that will allow those in Art Education to become more cognizant of the role of research in the field and more competent in ways to interpret and conduct adequate research.
  • Encourage the dissemination of information concerning significant research in art education.
To address these goals, SRAE sponsors the following activities:
  • Presents seminars and workshops on research methods and methodologies for the National Art Education Association (NAEA).
  • Hosts an open annual breakfast at the NAEA annual convention.
  • Awards the Marilyn Zurmuehlen Research Award and The President's Choice Award,
  • Publishes:
Newsletter Abstracts of research papers presented at the NAEA annual conventionOther pertinent monographs and materials. In addition, the President of SRAE sits on the board for the NAEA Research Commission.
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