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International Journal of Education and the Arts

Editors: Tom Barone and Liora Bresler. This is a new refereed online journal, which started in 2000. Papers are online. Topics include visual arts and arts-based research. Other arts disciplines, including poetry, music, and drama are represented as well. As the site is web-based, visual, music, and videos can be published. The website is

Previous publications include:

  • Volume 2 Number 3: Paul Duncum "Theoretical Foundations for an Art Education of Global Culture and Principles for Classroom Practice"
  • Volume 3 Number 1: Margaret Meban: "The Postmodern Artist in the School: Implications for Arts Partnership Programs"
  • Volume 3 Number 2: Christine Marme´ Thompson "Celebrating complexity: Children's talk about the media

Kappa Delta Pi Record

A quarterly journal that reaches an audience of over 100,000 pre-service and in-service teachers. A general education publication recent issues have expressed interest in art education. The website is

Volume 39: Volume 1, Fall 2002 - Theme issue focusing on Arts Education

  • Arts in the City by Elisabeth Soep
  • Arts throughout the Curriculum by Jane Carol Manner
  • School as Studio: Learning through the Arts by Karen Stevens
  • Bringing Accountability to Elementary Art by Richard Siegesmund
  • Performance Assessment in the Arts by Robin E. Clark
  • Standards: Encouraging the Arts in Schools by Carole Henry
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