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Funding for Staff


Funding Opportunities for Staff

Each year, University of Iowa Staff Council (UISC) receives money from the contract between the UI and Coca-Cola.  These funds are available to allocate for various awards, events and professional development opportunities, all benefiting University of Iowa staff.  We encourage University of Iowa departments and staff members to apply for this funding!

What do we fund?

Successful applications from staff usually fall under one of the following four categories:

To allocate UISC funds beyond any standing allocations, UISC accepts applications via webform.  The UISC Executive Committee reviews each application and makes decisions regarding funding.

Should I apply for UISC funds directly?

UISC allocates funding to several established programs for allocation and awarding directly to applicants, based on each program's awarding criteria.  Before applying directly for UISC funding, we encourage you to visit the following funding sources for more information to see if your application would be best served by these programs:

Staff Appreciation Grant Program:


Mary Jo Small Fellowship:


Tuition Assistance Program:


Apply for UISC funds

If your application does not fit best for any of the above programs, we encourage you to apply for UISC funds!

Click here to apply for UISC funds through our webform

Deadline: Applications are accepted/considered from August 1-May 31 and are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis based on application merit.  Funding is limited.



Contact us if you have questions about staff recognition and development funding and the UISC funds:


Phone: (319) 335-3600