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Bylaws Committee

To review, facilitate discussion and make recommendations regarding bylaw revisions and policy statements.

Scope of Concern

Review bylaws and recommend amendments that are appropriate and consistent with current bylaws, with support from concerned constituency. Send approved bylaw changes to University Relations office to be incorporated into the Operations Manual. Review proposed policies or revisions of policies for appropriateness and consistency with current University policies, with support from concerned constituency. Act as parliamentary advisory in order to maintain productive Staff Council meetings.


Members: No restriction on the number of members.
Open to: Current Council members. If available, a non-Council member may be included to act as an expert or advisor on Bylaws and/or University policy.
Term: 1 year.

2013-2014 Staff Council Committee Members

Kim Keister - Chair
Rebecca Tritten
Judy Brewer
Carol Ives
Toni Mueller

2012-2013 Staff Council Committee Members

Wasson, Dianne -Chair
Drummond, Bruce
Martin, Twila
Garringer, Teresa
Keister, Kimberly
Last, Kathy

2011-2012 Staff Council Committee Members

Julie Sexton, Co-chair
Dianne Wasson, Co-chair
Matt Edwards
Earlene Erbe
Jerry Pike
Rebecca Tritten
Betsy Momany*

*Ad hoc member

2010-2011 Staff Council Committee Members

Betsy Momany, Co-Chair
Rebecca Tritten, Co-Chair
Traci Bergthold
Kellie Bodeker
Steve Milder
Jerry Pike