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Committee on Committees

To solicit and recommend the best qualified candidates to represent staff on the University of Iowa charter, non-charter committees and other standing committees in conjunction with the University of Iowa Affirmative Action policies. To find and recommend replacements for the various committees as unscheduled openings occur. Candidates shall be recommended without regard to classification except in the case of the Funded Retirement and Insurance Committee whose membership is restricted to those staff members not covered by a bargaining agreement.

Scope of Concern

Act as liaison with staff members serving on University charter committees and non-charter committees. Report charter and non-charter committee issues of interest to Staff Council. Provide Council view to charter and non-charter committee members as needed.


UI Staff Council encourages you to apply for staff openings on University Charter committees. The deadline for applying for staff openings is Friday, February 28, 2014. Please click here to submit your application.


There is no requirement or term for membership on this committee.

2013-2014 Staff Council Committee Members

Kathy Burrows Rushlo - Chair
Suzanne Julich
Carol Haack
Travis Dillavou
Dick See

2012-2013 Staff Council Committee Members

Edwards, Matt - Chair
Julich, Suzanne
Benford, Danielle
Haack, Carol
Rushlo, Kathy Burrows
Wieland, Chuck
Schueller, Michael
Smith, Glenda

2011-2012 Staff Council Committee Members

Mark Schmidt, Chair
Chris Delsandro
Jodi Graf
George Hospodarsky
Glenn Kell
Mitchell Owen
Barbara Wagoner
Jane Zukin
Mike Schueller

2010-2011 Staff Council Committee Members

Mark Schmidt, Co-Chair
Dianne Wasson, Co-Chair
Catherine Fruehling-Wall
Jodi Graff
Robert Helle
Mike Schueller
Linda Spence
Jane Zukin

University of Iowa Charter and Non-Charter Committee reports