Old Capitol

Human Resources Committee

To refine and develop UI policy and procedure central to the human resource needs and concerns of P&S and non-organized merit staff in order that it may advise Central Administration in these matters.

Scope of Concern

The issues that may be addressed include but are not limited to the following:

furlough, temporary status
retraining, professional development, recognition
reallocation of staff due to organizational change
job reclassification and review
workplace safety
performance appraisals
staff benefits
policy revision/implementation
various issues brought forth by staff or administration


Committee membership is a two-year term with a maximum of three back-to-back terms. The chair and vice-chair of the committee will be members of Staff Council. At least three members of the committee will be non-council members and the majority of the committee members will be Staff Council members. Non-council members should have first hand experience in working with human resource issues of concern to P&S and non-organized staff.

2013-2014 Staff Council Committee Members

Earlene Erbe - Chair
Matt Edwards
Gayle Robertson
Glenda Smith
Kim Geguzis
Amber Seaton (Adhoc)
Sean Hesler (Adhoc)
Angelique Johnson (Adhoc)

2012-2013 Staff Council Committee Members

Lange, Dana - Co-Chair
Momany, Betsy - Co-Chair
Seaton, Amber
Smith, Glenda
Beckett, Susan
Geguzis, Kim
Scott, Becky

2011-2012 Staff Council Committee Members

Randy Nessler, Chair
Susan Beckett
Kim Geguzis
Pat Kosier
Dana Lange
Becky Scott
Kim Sprenger

2010-2011 Staff Council Committee Members

Chuck Wieland, Chair
John Downing
Pat Kosier
Randy Nessler
Gary Sanborn
Kim Sprenger
(3) non-councilors