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Opportunities for Entering First-Year Students


As advisers, we want you to make progress toward your goals and quickly feel like a part of the University - not only academically, but also socially. This means getting to know your instructors, easily forming study groups with other students, and having many opportunities to meet other students with common interests or goals. Here are some opportunities created just for first year students. Take a look; which ones are right for you?

Courses in Common (CIC)


Imagine sitting in a class with 400 other people, listening to a lecture by one of The University of Iowa's great professors. That class would be bigger than some students' high school, bigger than some students' home town! Wouldn't it be nice to know that you have 20 other first year students you can talk to about that class? Courses in Common to the rescue!

CIC students take up to three courses together with a group of about 20 other first year students. CIC helps students get to know each other more quickly, makes it easier to form study groups, and simplifies registration.


First Year Seminars


Here's your chance to work closely with a faculty member and get a firsthand introduction to the intellectual life of the University. Seminars are limited to 15 students, who participate actively in the learning process.




Online@Iowa is an electronic introduction to The University of Iowa campus and to electronic information and processes. This is a one semester hour course that is completed entirely online. Online@Iowa will introduce you to web-based tools that will enrich your experience and contribute to your academic success at The University of Iowa. As you work through a series of highly interactive tutorials, you'll develop digital skills for staying in touch, researching, registering for classes, reviewing your grades, safeguarding your data, and many other important online activites.

Living-Learning Communities


A living-learning community is a residence hall floor with a twist. Everyone on the floor shares a common academic interest. In addition to programming tailored to the students' interests, these floors offer the same kinds of recreational and social activities you'd find on any other residence hall floor.

Four Year Graduation Plan


Students who participate in the Four Year agreement can be assured that they will be able to enroll in courses allowing graduation in four years.