*  You’ve built your schedule.

*  You’ve registered for classes.

*  You’ve completed “Tell Your Advisor about Yourself.”


Now, as you begin to transition from high school to college, one of the biggest changes will be moving from a world full of adults helping you manage your life (teachers, guidance counselors, parents, coaches, etc.) to a college environment in which you are responsible for almost everything! Yes, the additional freedom is thrilling, but it would be smart to figure out ways to structure each day to be highly productive and to seek out the professionals here at Iowa who can help you.


Read about the following topics to help you be informed as you begin your experiences at Iowa:




You can buy your books in one of three ways: 

(1)  buy them in person at one of the two bookstores near campus the week or weekend before classes start; 

(2)  order them from the Iowa Hawk Shop at www.hawkshop.com or from Iowa Book at www.iowabook.com/;

(3)  go to the bookstore or look online for the book titles, authors, and any other information (e.g. ISBN #), then order them from an online retailer.



If you already know your major, become more familiar with your department or college.  Start a new window, then go to the Iowa home page, click on “A-Z Search” at the top of the screen, then choose the letter for the major or majors you have selected (for example, ‘M’ for “Mathematics, Department of”).  Read about the various academic programs in your area, activities sponsored by the Department, and important sources of information that are relevant for your work in this area.


If you are an Open major, start a new window, then go to the Iowa home page, click on “A-Z Search” and then click on the third entry under ‘A’ entitled “Academic Advising Center,” then click on the left link, “Majors at Iowa,” then on the link, “Open (undeclared) majors.”  You will find several useful links that will help you explore possible majors.

Academic Transition & Academic Support

Okay, now that you know that the transition from high school to university classes can be a big leap, you can think about developing effective study strategies and strong time-management skills.  Remember, many times the material itself will be more intellectually challenging.  Be sure to seek out resources for academic support! 


There is a big  section of information about academic support and tutoring on your Orientation flash drive,  and you can also click on the following link to learn more about Iowa’s many resources:



Making an Appointment with Your Advisor

Whenever you need to meet with your advisor, go to the site for the Academic Advising Center and make an appointment electronically.  To practice doing that, go to the Iowa home page, click on “A-Z Search” at the top of the screen and then click on the third entry under ‘A’ – “Academic Advising Center.”  You will see the link to make an appointment.  If you have difficulty, just call the Front Office at 319-353-5700.

Changing Your Schedule

You may change your fall-semester schedule through the first week of classes by logging onto ISIS and making the change directly.  However, if you plan on changing something other than section numbers (to choose more desirable times), you should check first with your academic advisor.  Often students choose courses that sound more interesting only to discover later that they have inappropriately registered for a course with unmet prerequisites.

Leadership & Volunteering

& Student Organizations

One of the other big changes you might experience from high school to college is the need to put yourself out there to get involved.  Whereas in high school you might have had ready-made activities (dances, sports events, etc.) to enjoy, now you will need to seek out specific areas of interest to become involved and to feel connected to other people.  Read through the many opportunities available to you on the following site:   http://uiowa.orgsync.com/


Click on the following link to find the Career Center’s HireAHawk, a web-based tool that helps you keep track of the ways you’re engaged with the community: http://www.careers.uiowa.edu/cblp/tracking_community_involvement.html




If you’re interested in staying active and playing a sport with other students, check out the following site:  http://recserv.uiowa.edu/Apps/Programs/IntramuralSports.aspx

Transfer Courses

If you want to check to see if a college course from another institution transfers to Iowa, you can follow this simple process.  Go to ISIS, click on “Courses” and find the box “Transfer Courses” in the bottom-right corner.  Click on “search” and then on “Transfer Institution Search.” Choose the name of your community college or university from the drop-down menu, choose the category from the drop-down menu of Gen Eds (or you can choose “All Evaluated Courses”), then enter the Department number (or abbreviation) and the course number from the transfer institution and click “search.”


The program will analyze whether the course transfers to Iowa as a General Education fulfillment OR as the equivalent of a specific course taught at The University of Iowa.  If the transfer course is equivalent, the program will list the actual department and course number of the Iowa course.  Before you make your final decision, however, be sure to consult with your advisor.

Finding a Job

If you’re interested in finding a part-time job, check out:  www.bo.uiowa.edu/~finaid/jobform.html

Be sure, though, to consult with your advisor about number of hours and types of jobs.