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Students who select pre-medicine at the University of Iowa are indicating their intention to complete courses that are prerequisite for admission to medical school. The pre-medicine track is a rigorous sequence of courses in mathematics, the sciences, social sciences and humanities. The track typically takes three years to complete. Along with the track, students declare a major in a particular area of studies. Pre-med students are typically interested in science and often will select a science major. However, the selection of a non-science major is possible and such a selection does not disadvantage students in the application process as long as the student is otherwise competitive.

Iowa graduates have been accepted to medical school at rates above the national average and have been admitted to a wide range of medical programs, including some of the most prestigious in the country. The availability of pre-medical advising, the strength of the academic curriculum, a strong honors program, and the proximity of the campus to the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics (where students frequently find volunteer and research opportunities) make the pre-medical experience at Iowa a solid foundation for students seeking admission to medical school.


Superior academic work (students who are competitive for medical school typically have a 3.6 grade point average or higher) and strong scores on the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) are important components to a successful medical school application. A well-rounded program of extracurricular activities, including health care volunteer work and/or research, is also highly desirable.


Pre-medicine students work with a pre-med adviser at the Academic Advising Center through their full four years at the University. Pre-med staff are in touch with the Association of American Medical Colleges, the American Association of Osteopathic Medical Colleges, and with the medical schools, to ensure students have the most up-to-date information. Students interested in obtaining a pre-med adviser should call the Center at 319-353-5700.


Medicus, the pre-med club, is a student organization that offers programs and networking for pre-med students. Meetings are held regularly throughout the academic year and include guest speakers, information about local health care opportunities, physician shadowing, etc. More information about Medicus at The University of Iowa is available here.


The following links may be also helpful for students who are contemplating pre-medicine:

Pre-Health 101 Powerpoint Presentation

University of Iowa Health Sciences Center

---Provides links to the key health care resources at The University of Iowa, including The University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine


Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC)
---Provides information about allopathic medicine (M.D. programs) and links to the allopathic medical schools. Students may also link to AMCAS, the online medical school application, from this site.


American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine (AACOM)
---Provides information about osteopathic medicine (D.O. programs) and links to the osteopathic medical schools. Students may also find the application to the osteopathic medical schools here.

Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students: (MAPS)
---Minority Association of Pre-medical Students is an organization made to represent current undergraduate pre-health students. We strive to provide the moral support and the resources needed to guide underrepresented students throughout the challenges of the pre-med undergrad program at Iowa. We provide necessary resources and tools to help students become familiar with the medical field and ultimately give them a taste of what it feels like to be a full fledged medical student.

Diversity Physician Shadowing Program:
---To make shadowing opportunities more accessible to undergraduates from minority or disadvantaged backgrounds exploring careers in medicine, the program will provide one half day shadow experience per semester.

The following links are for students applying to medical school for the 2016 application year.

Applying to Medical School: A Guide for 2015-2016

---A handout written by UI Pre-Med Advisors detailing the process of applying.


AMCAS 2016 PowerPoint

---A PowerPoint presentation on understanding the AMCAS application process.

AMCAS 2016
---A link to the AMCAS 2016 application (available May 5, 2015).


AMCAS Letters Information
---An explanation of the AMCAS Letters process, including a list of participating schools.


---A link to important resources for allopathic pre-medical students


---A link to the AACOMAS 2016  application (osteopathic medicine; available).

MCAT 2015

---A link to information about the new (2015) MCAT.



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