Volunteer Staff Instructions for Use of the Online Defensive Driving and 15-Passenger Training

1.         Before we can give you access to the training system, you must submit an Interdepartmental Requisition and a list of the people who need the training.  The list needs to include the status of each person (Student, Faculty/Staff, or Student), each person’s first name, last name, e-mail address and which training program the person needs (Defensive Driving, 15-Passenger Van or both).  We will assign an “Access Code” that will allow volunteer staff access to the training program

2.         1 business day after submitting the requisition and the list, you will be able to access the training.  To access the training:

            A.         Open a web browser

            B.         In the address bar of the browser type:         http://uiowa.claritynet.com/ASP/LAUNCHPAD/login.asp

            C.         When the page opens enter your Access Code that we assigned to you in the box where it asks for “University ID Number”.

            D.         When you hit enter you will be taken to a page that lists the training you requested.  The training classes are listed under the “Suites” section.

            E.         Remember to print the certificate after you have passed the final test for the class; this is your proof that you have taken the training.  Keep the certificate in a safe place.

3.         Remember, to pass the final test, you must get 80%.  Also, you only get two tries to pass the final test.  If you do not pass on your second try, you will need to speak with Risk Management staff for additional training.

            A.         If you do not pass on the second try, call Risk Management at 5-3027 and ask to   speak with the Fleet Safety Program Analyst.  Let that person know what test you did not pass and that person will arrange your additional training.

4.        Remember, if you will be driving a 15-passenger van, you need to complete both the 15-passenger on-line training and the behind the wheel familiarization drive.

5.          You have 30 days from the date you are entered into our system to complete the training.  If you have not completed the training with-in this time period, your name will be removed from the database and you will need to submit another requisition.

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