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USRowing The governing organization for rowing in the United States. For a good primer on rowing, we recommend clicking on the "Parents" and the "New To Rowing?" links at the top of their website.

row2k A general rowing website.

Rowing FAQ Answers many basic questions about rowing and contains a large glossary of rowing terms.

RegattaCentral Regatta results.

Concept2 Rowing During practices we use Concept2 ergs. The Concept2 website contains some excellent resources on using them.

FISA The Fédération Internationale des Sociétés d’Aviron (International Federation of Rowing Associations) is the international governing organization for rowing.

Rowing (sport) This Wikipedia article gives a comprehensive review of the sport.

Friends of Rowing History This website was put together by a group of men who wanted to preserve the history of rowing.

Oarspotter.com Teams often personalize their oars with graphic designs on the blades that represent the team. At Oarspotter.com you will find the designs for quite a few teams, including the UI men and women's teams.


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