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(UIRA TRAVEL PHOTO CONTEST--click here for complete details)

Visit here OFTEN for a summary of News & Announcments specific to UI Retirees. Read the Gray Hawk Newsletter for full articles and more news. Select any title below for details or click Top of List to scroll through the articles.

Survey of UIRA Members On Their Contributions to the UI as Volunteers (Oct, 2014)
A Message From Our New President (Sept, 2014)
Beverly Robalino Replaces Departing Roy Justis as President Elect (Sept, 2014)
Travel Photo Contest Enters Second Year (Sept, 2014)
UIRA Represented at Big Ten Retirees & AROHE (Sept, 2014)
Gray Hawk Editor, Webmaster and Archivist Wanted for UIRA (May, 2014)
Gray Hawk Plans to Drop Paper Version (March, 2014)
New UIRA Officers Nominated (March, 2014)
Search Begins for Editor of the Gray Hawk (March, 2014)
UI's Iowa Now Offers News/Info at No Charge (March, 2014)
Elder Services Offers Help (March, 2014)
Photo Winners to be Announced at Annual Luncheon (Feb Gray Hawk, 2014)
Nominate New UIRA Officers (Feb Gray Hawk, 2014)
Hospital Greeters Needed (Feb Gray Hawk, 2014)
Sign Up For New Study on Cognitive Disease (Feb Gary Hawk, 2014)
UI Library Thrives With Renovation (Feb Gray Hawk, 2014)
New Report Compiles Data On Iowa Health (Feb Gray Hawk, 2014)
U of Iowa is a Member of AROHE (Jan, 2014)
Daedalus Quartet Performed November 14, 2013 (Jan, 2014)
Osterberg: Iowa's Dirty Rivers Need Attention (Nov, 2013)
UIRA Gets New/Old Office on Campus (Nov, 2013)
UI President Mason's Remarks to UIRA (Nov, 2013)
Saunders Announces Health Insurance Benefits for 2014 (Oct, 2013)
A Message From Your New President (Sept, 2013)
Big Ten Meeting Photo Report (Sept, 2013)
UIRA's Inaugural 2013-14 Travel Photo Contest (June, 2013)
Remember To Pay Your UIRA Dues for 2013-14 (June, 2013)
May Newsletter Online: Summary of Announcements (May, 2013)
Printable UIRA Annual Meeting and Luncheon Reservation Form (April, 2013)
New UIRA Officers Nominated (April, 2013)
Event Photos Now Available Online (April, 2013)
Recent Website Changes (Feb, 2013)
2013 Charitable IRA Rolller (Feb, 2013)
Nominate New UIRA Officers (Jan, 2013)
Volunteer to Preserve History (Jan, 2013)
Printable Brochure Now Available (Jan, 2013)
Register for Preventive Intervention Center Research (Nov, 2012)
Vote November 6 or Earlier (Oct, 2012)
Message from the President - Stay Connected (Sept, 2012)
Message from the Past President - Thank You (Sept, 2012)
Volunteer at the Shelter House Deli (Sept, 2012)
Johnson County Added to Our Web Page (Sept, 2012)
Big Ten Retirees Association Meeting 1st Report (Sept, 2012)
Remember To Pay Your UIRA Dues for 2012-13 (June, 2012)
Change in Long Term Care Insurance Provider (June, 2012)
Group Exercise Classes Available at CRWC (June, 2012)
Annual Luncheon a Success (May, 2012)
UIRA Invited to A Voxman Celebration (May 19, 2012)
Help With Hosting (May, 2012)
Honoring Your Wishes (May, 2012)
Upcoming Elections (April, 2012)
Use Perks for Retirees (April, 2012)
Star Registry (March, 2012)
Joint Committee on Retiree Health and Wellness (March, 2012)
Associate Membership (March, 2012)
Let Us Know If You Move, or Change Email or Phone No. (November, 2011)

Survey of UIRA Members on Their Contributions to the UI as Volunteers (Oct, 2014)

The UIRA recently conducted a survey that asked what, if anything, members have done in the past, or are doing, for the UI as retirees. The results showed an astonishing variety of volunteer activities, which vitally assist the UI in its missions. Our findings have been transmitted to all administrators in the University, to remind them of our continuing value and to encourage administrators to seek us out.

Please click here to view (a) the letter sent to administrators, that includes an invitation to advertise volunteer openings with us, and click here to view (b) a table of survey results listing our volunteer activities.

A Message From Our President (Sept, 2014)

A Remarkable Tribe Called Retirees—and How to Join

It’s late August, and I’ve just returned from five days of remarkable meetings attended by remarkable people from all over the country. They’re part of an emerging tribe I joined a few years ago. We’re called retirees. That means it’s time for life’s encore.

Welcome to the expanding world of retirees in higher education.

First there was the annual Big Ten Retirees Associations Conference. There were a few musings about Big Ten football, but the focus was on the serious business of retiring and retirees’ relationships to their institutions. That was a warm-up to the larger 7th Biennial Conference of the Association of Retirement Organizations in Higher Education (AROHE), also held on the University of Minnesota campus. AROHE’s theme was building connections.

Relationships and building connections—those thoughts are still bouncing around in my mind as I contemplate the year ahead for our Retirees Association. Our organization has come a long way since it was founded two decades ago by our perceptive predecessors. Based on my observations in Minnesota, we still have a long way to go in building relationships with the university and contributing to our own well-being as well as that of our community.

We hope you take this opportunity to become acquainted with UIRA as a first-time member or, if you’re already a member, to renew your membership (see form accompanying this newsletter). It will be a good way to build new relationships and connections—and, as I’ve discovered, to be around remarkable people.
--Ken Starck, UIRA President

Beverly Robalino Replaces Departing Roy Justis as President-Elect (Sept, 2014)

Beverly Robalino will step in as UIRA’s President-Elect with the resignation July 4 of Roy Justis who notified UIRA officials that he and his wife, Rita, are moving from Iowa City to Cedar Falls. The UIRA Board approved a recommendation from President Ken Starck to appoint Robalino to the position. This was in accord with UIRA Bylaws for filling unexpired terms (see Section 3, Vacancies). Robalino had been on the short list of candidates compiled by the Nominations Committee. See the Biographies web page for more about Beverly Robalino.

Travel Photo Contest Enters Second Year (Sept, 2014)

UIRA’s Travel Photo Contest, inaugurated last year and attracting more than 50 entries, will continue for the second year. Most of the rules remain unchanged.

There will be three categories: photos taken (1) in the state of Iowa; (2) in the USA outside Iowa and (3) outside the USA. Prizes will be awarded in each category. Entrants may submit no more than three photos in one or more of the three categories. There is no entry fee. Current UIRA members are eligible to participate. The deadline to submit entries is December 31. Photos must be submitted in digital format and will be judged on originality, creativity and photo quality. Photos taken over the past two years can be entered. Complete contest details.

To see winning photos in the 2013 contest, go to the UIRA website at this link:

UIRA Represented at Big Ten, AROHE Meetings (Sept, 2014)

UIRA President Ken Starck attended the annual Big Ten Retirees Associations Conference August 8-10 followed by the biennial conference of the Association of Retirement Organizations in Higher Education (AROHE) August 10-12 at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.

A photo report of the two conferences with quite a bit of detail in the captions can be found at the UIRA’s website at: uira.shutterfly.com/pictures/433.

The University of Minnesota Retirees Association (UMRA) served as host to the meetings. Purpose of both conferences is to share ideas and address retiree-related issues, from preparation for retirement to retirees as a community/university resource, from health to institutional support.

Registered for the Big Ten Conference were a total of 54 persons: 49 representatives from all Big Ten universities (that includes 27 from host UMRA) except for new Big Ten members Rutgers and Maryland and 5 special guests.

Registered for the AROHE Conference were about 110 persons from more than 30 states, the District of Columbia and Canada. Also attending the AROHE meetings was Ken Kuntz, president of the UI’s Emeritus Faculty Council and past president of UIRA (2011-12).

The next Big Ten meeting will take place August 14-16, 2015, at Michigan State University, East Lansing. The 2016 AROHE Conference will take place at the University of Washington, Seattle.

A popular event at the Big Ten Conference is a session on “best practices.” Takeaway tips included: creating a website for interest groups; offering lifetime memberships (at Ohio State the cost is $250); establishing awards for service that can go to individuals or institutional units; sponsoring a reception for new retirees; organizing a group book reading and discussion; and instituting a travel photo contest (the latter suggestion from the UIRA).

Gray Hawk Editor, Webmaster and Archvist Wanted for UIRA (May, 2014)

Opportunities abound to contribute to UIRA and the welfare of its members. Here are three expected openings: Gray Hawk Editor, Webmaster and Archivist. If you have the interest and the expertise—the former taking precedence over the latter—please inform Ken Starck (Kenneth-Starck@uiowa.edu) or one of the UIRA Board members. Compensation is comparable to other purely voluntary positions, which means that satisfaction and goodwill can be rewarding parts of one’s retirement package.)

Gray Hawk Plans to Drop Paper Version (March, 2014)

Beginning with the September 2014 edition, The Gray Hawk will be delivered to UIRA members only electronically. The UIRA Board at its meeting February 11 voted to discontinue publication and distribution of the paper version of the newsletter. The consensus of the Board was that the electronic-only version will not only be more economical but also result in speedier delivery. The annual cost of The Gray Hawk is about $1,800, including paper, addressing and postage. An additional major benefit to electronic production and distribution is flexibility in size (more pages) and content (photographs, color, special effects, etc.). Please send any comments to Dick Johns, using e-mail (rjohns@q.com), postal service (2731 Oakmont Ct., Coralville, IA 52241, or phone 319 354-1904)

New UIRA Officers Nominated (March, 2014)

The following are those who have been selected by the Nominating Committee. The Committee was chaired by Charlie Anderson.

The list will be presented at the Annual Business Meeting and Luncheon on April 24.

A reminder that other nominees for each position may be introduced by any attendee at the meeting. They will then be added to the slate.


1. President-Elect Roy Justis
2. Secretary Alice Atkinson
3. Board Member-at-Large Pamela Willard
4. Board Member-at-Large Richard Borchard

Search Begins for Editor of the Gray Hawk (March, 2014)

The UIRA Board is seeking to fill the position of editor of The Gray Hawk, beginning with the September 2014 issue. The UIRA Newsletter Editor serves a three-year term, which can be renewed, and is a voting member of the Board. Ann Ford, editor for the past three years, will end her term on the Board this year.

“Editing The Gray Hawk is an extremely valuable service to the UIRA,” said Ken Starck, UIRA president-elect. “Ann has done a terrific job, and we’re all grateful for her contribution.”

An editor should have access to a computer, be familiar with creating computer publications, be aware of good grammar usage and, preferably, have some editing background. Persons interested should contact Ken Starck at 354-2802 or kenneth-starck@uiowa.edu.

UI's Iowa Now Offers News/Info At No Charge (March, 2014)

Here’s a no-cost way to keep up with UI events: Subscribe to Iowa Now
at email.now.uiowa.edu/

Produced and distributed electronically each weekday by University Communication and Marketing, the website carries news and announcements under the headings of Arts, Athletics, Campus, Community, Health and Research. Each day’s announcements offer a summary of the Top News. There is no cost to subscribe or unsubscribe.

Elder Services Offers Help (March, 2014)

Elder Services Inc. may be the organization you need to provide assistance or a volunteer opportunity – or that a friend needs. Founded in 1980, “Elder Services, Inc. (ESI) provides programs, services, and resources to assist persons age 60 and over in Johnson County and east central Iowa to stay active, independent, and safe in their homes.”

Elder Services Inc. provides a wide range of services and assistance, including geriatric assessment, coordination of volunteer services, RSVP (Retired and Senior Volunteer Program), Meals on Wheels, Nutrition services (including Meals on Wheels and the Elderberry Café), Elder Answers, Medicare Senior Health Insurance Initiatives, bill paying management, medical transportation, home assistance, and care coordination.

Please phone Elder Services Inc. at 319-338-0515 or see their webpage
www.elderservicesinc.com for a more complete description and contact information.

U of Iowa is a Member of AROHE (Jan, 2014)

The University of Iowa is a member of an international organization of retirees in higher education. Its acronym is AROHE—Association of Retirement Organizations in Higher Education. The UI Provost’s office provides payment of dues. Check out AROHE at www.arohe.org

Daedalus Quartet Performed November 14, 2013 (Jan, 2014)

Nearly 50 persons attended a special presentation for UIRA of “Music from Exile” by the Daedalus Quartet Nov. 14th in the Recital Hall of the University Capitol Centre (UCC) in downtown Iowa City. The highly-acclaimed group was in Iowa City as part of the Iowa String Quartet Residency Program. See uisqrp.wordpress.com for future programs.

“Music from Exile” featured works by four composers—Erwin Schulhoff died in a concentration camp; Viktor Ullmann was confined in Theresienstadt and died in a gas chamber; Mieczslaw Weinberg fled to the Soviet Union and had a long successful career; and Erich Wolfgang Korngold immigrated to America where he gained prominence as a Hollywood composer.

Members of the Quartet, discussed the lives of the composers. Much of the discussion focused on the concentration camp located in the 18th century fortress town of Terezín northwest of Prague. Named Theresienstadt by the Nazis, it was used for Nazi propaganda as a kind of model community, the camp for notable musicians, writers and artists. Documented sources, however, show that Theresienstadt was a way station for 200,000 men, women and children later sent to other camps and death.

You can see and listen to the quartet at

Osterberg: Iowa's Dirty Rivers Need Attention (Nov, 2013)

“Iowa rivers are dirty, and we ought to do something about it,” David Osterberg of the Iowa Policy Project (IPP) told more than 30 persons at a UIRA program Wednesday, October 23rd at the Coralville Public Library.

Besides UIRA retirees, several members of the League of Women Voters attended. Osterberg reviewed events in the state’s efforts to achieve a higher level of water quality. Research over the past several years, he said, indicates that solving Iowa’s water problems through voluntary efforts is not the answer. He pointed to agriculture as the chief culprit and said: “powerful interests are standing in the way.”

He noted that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has cited our state regulators for non-compliance with the Clean Water Act in several violations, including an inadequate inspection program and failing to assess adequate fines for violators. The EPA and Iowa’s Department of Natural Resources are currently negotiating an agreement to bring Iowa into compliance.

Osterberg, co-founder of the bipartisan IPP, is a former state senator and professor in the UI Dept. of Occupational and Environmental Health. He is an expert on water resources management and agricultural economics.

Select Photo Gallery for an album of photos from the presentation.

UIRA Gets New/Old Office on Campus (Nov, 2013)

The UI Office of the Provost has offered UIRA Room 605 in the historic Jefferson Building at the corner of Dubuque and Washington Streets, to be used as our office.

The eight-story, century-old building has housed University offices for a number of years. The building traces its roots to the Hotel Jefferson, dedicated in 1913. The UI took over the building in 1967, when a nonprofit corporation bought it and then leased it to the University. Presently a study by Iowa City and UI is underway to chart the future of the building. The UIRA will share the office with the Emeritus Faculty Association.

UI President Mason's Remarks to UIRA (Nov, 2013)

Retirees Important To University, says President Mason.

Historical perspective and experience are two reasons President Sally Mason considers retirees as “a very important resource.”

“You have given to this university your gifts of intellect, passion, and commitment for many years,” she told the nearly 100 UIRA members attending the President’s Reception Oct. 10 at the Levitt Center for University Advancement. “And we have grown to depend on them.”

President Mason, UI’s 20th president since its founding in 1847, commended those present, adding, “I hope and believe that the UI remains in your orbit of service, that your continued affiliation with us means that you have honored us with your desire to remain a part of the life of the university for a long time to come.”

She briefly reviewed several major projects completed or underway, including a new arts center necessitated by the devastating flood of 2008 as well as a new campus residence hall, a new Learning Commons in the Main Library and the largest compehesive campaign in university and state history.

President Mason’s complete remarks can be found here.

Saunders Announces Health Insurance benefits for 2014 (Oct, 2013)

According to a statement from Richard Saunders, Assistant Vice President for Human Resources, there is no change in the rates or the plan design for UI Choice for 2014. There is also no change in the rates for Dental II for 2014. The limit for care provided under Parts B & C will increase from $1500 to $2000 for 2014.

Retirees without Medicare will be eligible for the new plans coming out under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). They should look for information concerning the new Exchange Marketplace, where these plans will be offered. In some cases they may be eligible for a government subsidy to help offset the premium cost. Compare carefully before making your decision, since if a person leaves the University of Iowa's health and/or dental plans, they can never return.

Retirees with Medicare will not be able to participate in the Exchange Marketplace, since these new plans do not coordinate with Medicare. The retiree with Medicare will not be eligible for any subsidies from the government towards the cost of the health plans.

A Message From Your New President (Sept, 2013)

The summer is fast drawing to an end, but it brings our fifth season, the best time of the year in our area; early fall also happily starts football season. Along with all this, I look forward to serving the coming academic year as UIRA President.

First, a brief biographical sketch: I was born and raised in the Northwest. My bachelor’s degree was from the University of Washington, my dental degree from the University of Oregon. After two years in the military, I completed my graduate and post-graduate at the University of Illinois. I taught at Illinois, University of Connecticut, and Medical College of Georgia. I’ve had 30 great years here, taking the position of department Chair at the College of Dentistry in 1983.

I am pleased and excited to be President of the UIRA. I follow a succession of effective Presidents; and I intend to be involved and innovative. Assisting me is a talented and active Board which supports our organization. A most interesting series of programs has been planned and scheduled. There will be negotiations on the possibility of combining or incorporating the Emeritus Faculty Council with the UIRA. Our website will be expanded and improved. Special interest groups are under consideration. We are investigating ways to increase our visibility within the University of Iowa community.

Your input is always welcome. Please contact me or other UIRA Board members if you have questions or ideas.

Rick Walton, President UIRA

Big Ten Meeting Photo Report (Sept, 2013)

Nancy Williams, immediate past-president of UIRA, and Ken Starck, president-elect of UIRA, represented University of Iowa retirees at the 22nd annual Big 10 Retirees Association Conference Aug. 9-11, 2013, at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Starck was also representing the UI Emeritus Faculty Council. For a report of the conference, go to: uira.shutterfly.com/pictures The site, featuring photos by Starck, also has been posted at the Big 10 Association website: hr.umich.edu/umra/big10 .

UIRA's Inaugural 2013-14 Travel Photo Contest (June, 2013)

Camera enthusiasts, enter your prize (or best?) images in the UIRA's inaugural 2013-14 Travel Photo Contest.

A few details: Eligibility? Current UIRA members, excluding UIRA officers. Entry fee? None.

Entry categories? Three photos taken:

  • (1) in the state of Iowa;
  • (2) in the USA but outside Iowa; and
  • (3) outside the USA.

Prizes? Yes, plus top photos to be displayed on the UIRA website.

Submission? Digital format.

Judging criteria? Originality, Creativity, Photo Quality.

Entry period? Each year—Jan. 1 to Dec. 31

Click here for complete details.

Remember To Pay Your UIRA Dues for 2013-14 (June, 2013)

From the UIRA bylaws: "The purpose of the University of Iowa Retirees Association is to facilitate support of the University of Iowa by retired faculty and staff members and to promote the interests and welfare of those retirees. We strive to help retired members of the University and their spouses, widows, widowers, or domestic partners (and associate members) to keep in touch with each other and with the social and intellectual life of the University." We stay connected to the University through our programming. We rely on our healthy and vibrant membership. Memberships expire on June 30th. Select Membership Form in the Navigation Panel to the left.

May Newsletter Online: Summary of Announcements (May, 2013)

The May 2013 UIRA Newsletter contained so much news and so many announcements that you should just read the newsletter! The titles are:

  • Retirees pursue special interests from books to picking up litter
  • Possible merger of UIRA and the AEF
  • UI Alzheimer's & Other Memory Loss Disorders Research Studies
  • Read Lighlights from April 23 Annual Meeting
  • To see photos of the Annual Meeting click here
  • Try the Khan Academy online - more than 4,000 free online micro lectures videos

New UIRA Officers Nominated (April, 2013)

The slate of UIRA officers for the coming year was published in the March Gray Hawk, as required by our bylaws. Since that issue, president-elect Larry Wilson has regretfully withdrawn his name. The bylaws allow for nominations from the floor, so the following slate of officers will be presented at the Annual Meeting on April 23:

  • President-elect: Kenneth Starck (to assume the presidency in 2014-15)
  • Directors at Large: Gene Spaziani (for a second three-year term), Richard Johns (for a three-year term) and Katharine Bjorndal (to fill the remaining two years of the term vacated by Ken Starck)
  • Treasurer: Kris Canfield (for a three-year term)

Event Photos Now Available Online (April, 2013)

Check UIRA's website. Go to www.uiowa.edu/~uira/ and click on “Photo Gallery” in the far left column.

That will take you to a series of albums at a site called Shutterfly. Shutterfly serves as the host site for the UIRA albums. The main heading is UI Retirees Association. Click on the album/event you'd like to view. Or you can go from “Home” to ”Pictures & Videos” and see the albums one after another. (By the way, there are no videos on the UIRA site.)

Here's a list of the album/events currently at the site:

  • Learning about water—especially when there's too much (3-6-13)
  • Retirees tackle UI football facilities 101 (2-28-13)
  • Retirees learn about "Alien Worlds" at meeting Jan. 17, 2013
  • “Innovations for the Next Decade:” AROHE's 10th Anniversary Conference (a report on the Association of Retirement Organizations in Higher Education)
  • Participating in the 10th annual meeting of the Big Ten Retirees Association
  • Touring Historic Johnson County Courthouse Sept. 27, 2012
  • Meeting Nov. 15, 2012, to Discuss UI Health Care Benefits
    - Ken Starck, Director.

Recent Website Changes (Feb, 2013)

A few months ago at a UIRA Board meeting, someone commented—and I paraphrase: “We've got to become more active.” He was referring to our UIRA organization and members....That led to development of a brochure encapsulating the UIRA story. Once the brochure was designed and copies reproduced, someone suggested putting it on the UIRA website. You'll find it at UIRA's Homepage (www.uiowa.edu/~uira ). Click on “UIRA: A Quick Take—Printable Brochure.”...How about a Photo Gallery? ... Click here to read complete article.

2013 Charitable IRA Rollover (Feb, 2013)

Congress recently extended legislation that allows seniors who are 70 ½ or older to make tax-free gifts directly from their IRAs to qualified charities through the end of 2013. This “charitable IRA rollover” provision was part of the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012. It permits distributions of up to $100,000 from an IRA to a qualified charity in 2013. The IRA owner does not report the distribution as taxable income, nor does the owner claim a tax deduction for the gift. The effect will be a “tax wash”. The distribution to charity will count towards the owner’s annual required minimum distribution. Click here for more information about this legislation including who to contact.

Nominate New UIRA Officers (Jan, 2013)

Nancy Williams, our UIRA president, has appointed a Nominating Committee, below, to present a slate of officers at least 30 days before the April annual meeting. You are welcome to suggest names for the slate, or to nominate yourself. Click here for complete article.

Volunteer to Preserve History (Jan, 2013)

DIY History: Your chance to help preserve Iowa history:
About the project: UI Libraries’ digital collection includes hundreds of thousands of items—far more than library staff could ever catalog alone. We need your help in converting these documents into a format people can use. Click here for complete article.

Printable Brochure Now Available (Jan, 2013)

Ken Starck has added a wonderful printable brochure to the UIRA website. Select UIRA: A Quick Take Printable Brochure. Ken is also posting pictures from UIRA programs. Thanks, Ken!

Register for Preventive Intervention Center Research (Nov, 2012)

The University of Iowa College of Public Health, Preventive Intervention Center (PIC) researchers are currently inviting participants aged 18 and older to enroll in the Preventive Intervention Center Volunteer Research Registry. The purpose of the Registry is to collect basic information on specific areas of research interest which we may use to contact potential participants for future clinical studies.

For more information and to enroll, please go directly to the online Preventive Intervention Center website: www.picstudies.com If you wish to enroll offline, please contact a PIC research staff member at toll free: 1-800-887-6917 or local: 384-5048
or e-mail: cph-picstudies@uiowa.edu

Vote November 6 or Earlier (Oct, 2012)

See www.johnson-county.com/auditor/voter/1211elec.htm On this website you can find information about voter registration, absentee ballots, early voting places, sample ballots for the 2012 election, redistricting changes, current precincts, links to websites for information and candidates, historic Johnson County voting results, and much more. Full Newsletter Article.

Message from the President - Stay Connected (Sept 2012)

If you haven't renewed your membership for 2012-2013, I encourage you to stay connected! The more of us there are, the louder the voice we have as retirees! The UIRA depends on your support in several ways. One, your dues represent our entire budget. Two, your participation on a voluntary basis is always welcome! In turn, we will work to merit your support. We'll continue to monitor UI health insurance updates, bring you useful information and, most especially, advocate on your behalf. The membership form is a link on our website.

Even in retirement, the natural rhythm of the academic year stays with us. Fall, with cooler weather, colorful leaves, students on campus, and no place to park downtown, signals the beginning of another year. And President Elect Rick Walton and his committee are already hard at work planning interesting, informative, and fun programming for you this year.

We'll communicate with you throughout the year by e-mail, the Gray Hawk newsletter, and through our website, http://www.uiowa.edu/~uira. The UIRA Board is a working board, and agendas and minutes of our meetings will be online this year, so you can follow what we're doing. We meet at 1:00 p.m. on the second Tuesday of the month in 427 Levitt Center. Feel free to attend if you like. Also, if you have ideas, suggestions or comments, e-mail me at nancy-williams@uiowa.edu.

Board member Ken Starck and I attended the Big Ten Retirees meeting in Columbus, Ohio, in August (you'll see a report in this newsletter). The theme was membership and programming, and we've brought back some ideas that you'll hear more about during the year. Everyone agreed that our organizations are here to help you stay connected to the university, your community, and to each other. By now you've detected my theme for the year!

And, finally, our thanks go to Ken Kuntz, now past president of the UIRA, for his hard work on our behalf last year. Well done, Ken! - Nancy Williams, UIRA President

Message from the Past President - Thank You (Sept 2012)

I thank all of you for permitting me to serve as your president in 2011-12. It’s been a pleasure becoming acquainted with many of you and I look forward to continuing to serve the UIRA as past president from now until next June. So many of our members graciously contribute to the successful work of the organization. Under the sensible and strong leadership of Nancy Williams, our organization is destined to prosper in the months ahead. I certainly look forward to working with her. - Ken Kuntz, Past President

Volunteer at the Shelter House Deli (Sept 2012)

Culinary Starts, a Shelter House culinary training and catering program, operates a deli in the University Services Building (USB) Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. They need a daily volunteer for each 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. shift to provide support during the lunch period. If you are interested, please e-mail Caitlin at volunteer@shelterhouseiowa.org or call her at 338-5416 ext. 241.

Johnson County Added to Our Web Page (Sept 2012)

Johnson County offers many services for senior and retirees. To help our UI Retirees Association members find those services, we have added a new category to the UIRA Resources web page titled “Johnson County”. To check it out and view other resources visit www.uiowa.edu/~uira and select Resources in the left navigation panel.

Big Ten Retirees Association Meeting 1st Report (Sept 2012)

UIRA President Nancy Williams and Board Member Ken Starck represented the University of Iowa Retirees Association at the 10th annual meeting of the Big Ten Retirees Associations Aug. 3-5, 2012, on the campus of Ohio State University.

Ohio State University President E. Gordon Gee talked to the group with the idea that universities ought to “un-retire” retired faculty and staff members to tap into a valuable but wasted resource, so retirees can continue to contribute to the university and community.

The theme for the meeting was Growth and Development of University Retirees Associations. Several topics were explored in depth: enhancing membership and programming, establishing and maintaining communication, and financial support. In our next few issues we will publish comments on the discussions. - From Ken Starck’s report

Remember To Pay Your UIRA Dues for 2012-13 (June 2012)

From the UIRA bylaws: "The purpose of the University of Iowa Retirees Association is to facilitate support of the University of Iowa by retired faculty and staff members and to promote the interests and welfare of those retirees. We strive to help retired members of the University and their spouses, widows, widowers, or domestic partners (and associate members) to keep in touch with each other and with the social and intellectual life of the University."

As your soon-to-be past program chair, I've been pleased by how warmly and eagerly we are received, and how highly we are regarded as we stay connected to the University through our programming. We rely on our healthy and vibrant membership. Click Membership Form in the Navigation Panel to the left. Please fill out the entire form, including your current postal and e-mail addresses. - Nancy Williams

Change in Long Term Care Insurance Provider (June 2012)

The University Benefits office has announced that Genworth Financial Long Term Care Insurance is replacing John Hancock Insurance as the University's Long Term Care provider. The initial Genworth enrollment date will be announced when the final contract is signed (anticipated by June 30). To enroll with Genworth, those 65 or older will have to answer medical questions.

This change resulted from John Hancock’s notification that it would no longer accept new applications from our faculty and staff effective January 1, 2012. If you are currently enrolled in John Hancock you may stay with John Hancock, though that insurer’s rates will be going up an average of 28%, effective November 1, 2012. If you choose to leave John Hancock, you will still retain accrued long term care benefits. You may contact John Hancock for information on your current coverage.

Group Exercise Classes Available at CRWC (June 2012)

A membership in the University of Iowa Recreational Services is available to us as retirees, and group exercise classes at the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center are also included in your membership. A membership provides access to all recreation facilities on campus, including the Campus Recreation & Wellness Center (CRWC), Field House, Hawkeye Tennis & Recreation Complex (HTRC), Fitness East and the Recreation Building. Once inside, most activities, including swimming, fitness, rock climbing, racquetball, basketball, volleyball, and Group Exercise classes are included with the membership. Beyond access to all recreation facilities on campus, members also receive discounts on program registration (including Lesson Programs, Rowing, Tennis Programs, Aquatics and Adventure Trips), and reduced tennis court fees.

Also, a qualified UI Faculty/Staff member or UI Retiree may sponsor one adult at the same rate as the sponsoring member. The adult must reside in the same household as the sponsoring member. A yearly Membership is $310; 4 months membership is $155; monthly membership is $47 and daily drop-in fee is $7.

For more information and other perks available to UI Retirees visit Perks and Discounts for Retirees on the navigation panel on the left.

Annual Luncheon a Success (May 2012)

Our annual UIRA luncheon and business meeting was attended by about 90 members and brought us some reports on our activities and status. We’ve had a wonderful variety of programs and co-sponsored the very successful Senior College courses. UIRA total membership is at 649, with 474 households. Click here for full report.

UIRA Invited to A Voxman Celebration (May 19, 2012)

A Voxman Celebration
Himie Voxman, 1912-2011

David Gier, director of the School of Music, personally invites the UI Retirees Association to the following event:

Please join Professor Voxman's family, friends, and colleagues for a tribute to one of the twentieth-century's most beloved music educators.

Professor Voxman joined the UI School of Music faculty in 1939 and went on to become its director from 1954 to his retirement in 1980. His commitment to the arts and vast influence in the field of music education have left a remarkable legacy on the University of Iowa School of Music.

Guest speakers Eugene Rousseau, Robert Gidden, and Larry Mallett will reflect on Professor Voxman's rich life, joined by a number of musical interludes inspired by Professor Voxman.

Saturday, May 19 at 1:00 p.m.
Iowa Memorial Union Main Lounge
Reception with cash bar immediately following event
(please rsvp for the reception at music.uiowa.edu/voxman)

Help With Hosting (May 2012)

Jean Hood is recruiting volunteer hosts and hostesses for our meetings next year. This year, a host or hostess has greeted people as they arrive and nametags have been available at each meeting. Monthly events and meetings held by the UIRA provide us the opportunity to meet new people and renew our associations with old friends. Now we need your help as host or hostess. E-mail Jean Hood at ajhood@q.com and she will compile a list of volunteers that can be called on to help.

Honoring Your Wishes (May 2012)

A Community-Wide Advance Care Planning Initiative is an effort here in Johnson County to bring meaningful advanced care planning to Iowa. We all know about the pieces of paper that the Iowa Bar has sanctioned for Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney designations. Click here for full details.

Upcoming Elections (April 2012)

Richard (Rick) Walton (Dentistry-Endodontics) has been nominated as President-elect, and Nancy Lynch (Pathology) and Kenneth Starck (Journalism) have been nominated as directors at large. They will join our present board, with Nancy Williams as the new President and Ken Kuntz as Past President.

New officers and directors for 2012-13 will be elected by the membership at the UIRA Annual Meeting, which is scheduled for Wednesday, April 25, at the University Club on Melrose Avenue. The new term begins in July.

Our deep thanks to our outgoing board members: Past President Jean Hood, and Directors Lou Crist and Feather Lacy. We thank Feather for being willing to continue her work on our UIRA webpage. The Nominating Committee consisted of five members: Ruth Dawson, Chuck Dayton, Feather Lacy, Bill Oglesby, and Sara Wolfson (chair). We truly appreciate the willingness of the candidates to serve, and we enthusiastically thank the Nominating Committee for their efforts.

Use Perks for Retirees (April 2012)

Did you know that your HawkID remains active after you become a UI retiree? Even if you do not use the University email system, you may continue to use your
firstname-lastname@uiowa.edu e-mail address. In addition, you are eligible for discounts on computer purchases through the ITS Computer Purchase Program and for discounts on Microsoft software covered under the Home Use Program of the campus agreement; and you have access to the ITC computer labs on campus and the UI Wireless network using your HawkID and password. For more detailed information, select Perks & Discounts for Retirees and scroll down to “ITS Services for University of Iowa Retirees”.

STAR Registry (March 2011)

The STAR Registry is a database of Iowans over age 50 who are interested in volunteering for University of Iowa research studies (compensation is generally provided). Older adults are typically under-represented in scientific research, making study results less helpful to the older population. Read more and sign up at
www.centeronaging.uiowa.edu/star.shtml .

Joint Committee on Retiree Health and Wellness. (March 2011)

UIRA and the Emeritus Faculty Council have created a Joint Committee on Retiree Health and Wellness. We've been meeting with Richard Saunders to learn how we might contain rising costs of our health insurance. We're also meeting with Prof. Brian Kaskie, who is the principal researcher on a two-year study funded by TIAA-CREF that assessed trends and best practices in comprehensive retirement planning at institutions of higher education in the United States. "The Iowa Study on Promoting Healthy and Successful Aging within Academic Institutions" has focused on how a wide range of public and private colleges and universities across the country engage with and support aging employees as they prepare for retirement.

Associate Membership (March 2011)

Associate Membership (non-voting, non-office holding) is open to those who have present or previous ties to the University. Individuals may become members upon submission of the Membership Form and payment of dues of $10.

Let Us Know If You Move, or Change E-mail or Phone No. (Nov 2011)

Have you moved, or do you have a new e-mail address or phone number? The UIRA needs your help in keeping your postal and e-mail addresses and phone number current so we can keep you informed of program announcements and other relevant information. If you have moved or changed e-mail addresses or phone numbers, please notify the UIRA Membership Chair, Ruth Dawson, by regular mail at 2601 Hickory Trail, Iowa City, IA 52245 or by e-mail at rdawson@inav.net.




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